3 Steps to Convert Fans Into Clients

You might have a lot of fans on social media, but how many of those are clients? How do you convert those that aren’t into clients? It’s what every business wants!

There are just three steps to convert fans into clients. Let’s take a look at what these three steps are and what our take is on them.

Step One: Know

The “know” stage is just how it sounds. It’s where your fans start to get to know you. They need to know who you are, what you feel, and what your values are.

“Lack of clarity leads to assumptions and objections that may work against you. Providing the information they need to begin making a decision is more likely to work in your favor. When you help potential clients get to know you better, they can self-select to keep learning more or move on without wasting further time.” – Advisor Perspectives

You also want to make sure they don’t just know all about you, but they know all about your company and services. They need to know what products you offer or services you provide.

Step Two: Like

The “like” stage is where people are now starting to appreciate and respect you, your company, and your brand. It’s also where they start to grow attached to you and consider you as a viable option when they are in the need to purchase a product or service that you sell.

“Liking comes down to being open and honest, to being who you are, and to sharing common interests. Just be open about your insights and talents, and how you can use them to serve (not sell).” – Content Marketing Insitute

You can do this by being authentic! Authenticity is essential for being successful on social media. In a world that’s become so digital, people crave the real you–the highs and the lows. They want to know about your life so they can feel a connection to you and your business. If you have staff, let your fans get to know them as well if you want to convert your fans into clients.

“It is human nature to want to see who, exactly, you are interacting with, so don’t hide your staff! Depending on the size of your business, “meet the team” posts can be a weekly or monthly occurrence. This type of content can also help to boost staff morale and build a strong company community.” – Like A Voss 

Step Three: Trust

The “trust” stage is simple. It’s where people trust you enough to become real customers and fans. It’s the final stage to convert fans to clients.

To win your fans over enough so that they buy your products or services, trust is essential. Great ways to get your fans to trust you is by sharing customer testimonials/reviews as well as through email newsletters. Provide them evidence that your products and services are real, high quality, and worth the money.

“Marketing online also provides an opportunity to leverage social proof, which helps instill trust. You can share testimonials from happy clients, articles that you’ve written or places you’ve been quoted, media clips, speaking engagements, examples of community service, and case studies – all putting your firm in a positive light.” – Advisor Perspectives

Through these three steps, you can turn strangers into customers on social media. They’ve got to know you, like you, and trust you. That’s how you convert fans into clients.

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This blog post was originally published in January 2021 and has been edited to improve accuracy and readability.


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