3 Ways to Reuse an Old Blog

A blog is only the beginning! There are several ways you can reuse an old blog.

You write a blog, you edit it, you post it, then that’s the end of the process, right? Wrong! The lifecycle of your blog doesn’t end after it’s been posted. 

One blog can produce so much content if you know how to use it effectively. 

So, how do you reuse an old blog post?

Format it to Social Media

Turn your blogs into posts for your social media profiles. 

Take information from your blogs and condense it into a shorter form – sometimes referred to as micro-posts.

I’ll give you an example (that you’ll see on our social channels). We take the subtitles of each blog, turn them into graphics and then post as a carousel to Instagram, and a PDF to LinkedIn. BOOM – two pieces of content right there. 

“Investing just a little bit of time into repurposing your content will help you extract the maximum value from all your ideas. Infographics are merely one way to achieve this goal, but one that will have a huge impact.” – Like A Voss Inc.

Another thing you can do is take quotes from the blog (like the one above) and turn them into posts – either with a graphic, or just test. And with awesome programs (like Canva) you can try your hand at graphics, unless you’d rather hire out (*wink wink*).

Rewrite + update it!

If you have been writing blogs for a while, the best way to reuse blog content is to revise and rewrite old blogs. 

If you’ve got blogs that need updating or blogs that you really like but didn’t get the traction you wanted them to get, try rewriting them and releasing them again. 

We live in a world that is changing so fast that there is a good chance some of the content in your old blogs is out of date, but that doesn’t make the blog irrelevant. Take some time to research, and update the blog with current information (yes, we do that with ours – as you have likely noticed from the editors note at the bottom).

Oh, and another thing. Even if information isn’t out of date, your brand’s voice or your formatting might have changed over the years – so you can refresh old content to ensure that it fits with your business as it is today (not two years ago). 

Show off your old content in a new light to the audience you may have gained since it was released – because changes are they did not go back far enough to see it anyway (lol). There are always going to be new people finding your content!

Make Spinoff Content

A super effective way to reuse an old blog content is by making spinoff content/spinoff blogs from your old ones. This way of reusing blog content may take more effort than others, but it’s totally worth it! Plus, it’s less effort than coming up with a new blog topic and writing it from scratch.

What does making spinoff content from old blogs entail? 

Well, there are a few ways of doing this. One is to take one of the subtitles from an old blog and turn it into its own blog. For example, I could take this blog and take this subtitle (“Make Spinoff Content”), turn it into a catchy blog title, and then write a blog all about making spinoff content just like this one!

If you don’t like any of your subtitles as their own blog topics, then start scanning the information within the blog for something that draws your interest and makes you want to learn more about it.

A single blog has the potential to be used for so many different things. You’ve just got to think creatively and have fun with it.

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