4 Ways to Collaborate on Social Media

For anyone looking to collaborate with other businesses or creators, social media provides the perfect place to do so. There are so many ways to collaborate through social media and tools to make it easy and accessible. Through collaboration, you can gain exposure, connections, content, new clients, and much more. 

Here are some of the most effective ways to collaborate on social media.

Profile “Takeovers”

What’s a profile takeover? In essence, a profile takeover is when you invite someone to take over your social media profile for a set amount of time, most commonly for a day. This can involve someone using your Instagram stories to take your followers through a day in their life – or help with a product launch, show behind the scenes (or anything creative you come up with). Commonly, a business will allow an employee, influence, or partner brand to do this.

“Social media takeovers can help you gain the exact audience you want to reach: people who need your product or service! By collaborating with relevant influencers, they will help expose your brand to your ideal customers.” – Hootsuite

Takeovers are a great way to change up your content, create a fun experience for your followers, engage with your followers, show behind the scenes of your business, or tell a story – the options are endless.

Hot Tip: Use these as an opportunity to collect some data from your audience by having the person ask for input from your followers throughout the day!


“A shoutout on social media usually refers to when one user shouts out another, typically by “tagging” them (inserting their username and a link to their user page) in a post that they make. This “shouts out” the recipient to their followers.” – Grin

Shoutouts and endorsements are exactly what they sound like–you giving a shout-out to a brand or influencer you like and/or endorsing their product or service. This helps to boost your relationship with other influencers and brands and encourages others to endorse you.

Shoutouts and endorsements are also a sort of common courtesy online if you are showing off a product or service you like. If you got a new haircut and you’re showing it off on social media, tag the hairdresser. Build relationships with others on social media so you can show you appreciate others and, in turn, people will do the same for you. 

Hot Tip: This applies to both content creators, and businesses. If you’re a small business that uses the services of other small business’s – promote them (tag in your content). It’s a great way to strengthen relationships, and show gratitude.

Social Media Competitions

A way to collaborate with your followers and get UGC (User Generated Content) in the process is through social media competitions.

“The most useful thing social media content marketers can hope for is user-generated content (UGC)! It saves marketing dollars and gives you free content to use, but, even better than that, it creates a feeling of authenticity and trust for your brand.” – Like A Voss

Creating a competition that involves people using a brand-specific hashtag, sharing a post of themself that includes your product, or creating some sort of challenge to help with exposure for your company/brand through your followers/clients (and ends with you have UGC to use on your own channels).

Hot Top: Remember to ask before you share anyone’s content. They put in work into it and deserve the credit! Make sure to give them a shoutout you share it!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be one of the most fruitful ways to collaborate on social media, as long as it’s done right. A successful influencer campaign involves planning and extensive research. You can’t just find any influencers, you need to find ones that are already talking to your target audience, and that actually like your product/service (we are big on authenticity here – no pay to play). 

Hot Tip: You also need to determine your budget and what type of influencer would best suit that budget and your needs. Micro-influencers can be budget-friendly and super beneficial. 

Micro-influencers have often spent years building up a following in their niche and fans hang on their every word and suggestion. They are authorities within their community and you can rest assured that everything they share is important and well thought out.” – Like A Voss

There are tons of ways to collaborate on social media, so there is something for everyone! Plus, collaboration can simply be a lot of fun and build connections and even friends!

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