5 Ways to Increase Social Media Awareness of Your Brand

Brand awareness is vital for building up your presence on social media. It helps you create a community and gain new customers. The question is, how do you gain that vital awareness? This blog is here to help with 5 great ways to increase social media awareness of your brand.

Focus on Organic Content Rather than Advertisements

On social media, great organic content can do far more for awareness than an advertisement. Unlike an advertisement, it doesn’t cost you money either. Advertisements often annoy people on social media. They might see your ad, but they’re not very likely to do much more than scroll past it. On the other hand, if their friend or a brand they like shared your content, the likelihood of them clicking on it and being led to your profile is much higher.

“Organic content is much more likely to get shared than an advertisement is. That’s why it’s important to spend time creating and posting quality content that people want to share if you want to increase your awareness.” – Like A Voss

Create a Variety of Content

“Don’t share or repost the same message and content between platforms. It’s vital to create content specific to the type of social media that you’re using.” – AdRoll

It’s obvious when something was created for one social media platform and reposted to another. It looks awkward and out of place and therefore far less likely to be shared. It’s always worth creating content specific to each social media platform you’re on.

Not only that, but creating a variety of content also means switching up the kinds of things that you post on an individual social media platform. If you’re always posting the same kind of thing, people will grow bored of it and won’t share or engage with it. Switch it up. Maybe you post an infographic one day, a photo of your team another day, and a guest post after that. Variety is essential. 

Know How to Use Hashtags

Figuring out how to use hashtags can seem complicated, especially when rules and algorithms are different across all social media platforms. The way you use hashtags on Instagram shouldn’t be the same as how you use hashtags on Twitter. Figuring it all out can seem a little daunting at first, but, in truth, all it takes is a little research. Once you know what to do, it doesn’t take long for you to get used to it.

“Think of hashtags as a way to connect social media content to a specific topic, event, theme, or conversation. They also make it easier to discover posts around those specific topics, because hashtags aggregate all social media content with that same hashtag.” – Hootsuite

Check out this blog to figure out whether you should be using Instagram hashtags in the caption or comments.

Creating your own hashtag can also be great for your brand. It creates an identity for your brand and adds something for others to hashtag that leads directly to you, therefore increasing your awareness.

Get Creative With Your Commenting

Commenting on other people’s and brands’ content (especially ones with similar audiences as you) can easily increase social media awareness of your brand as long as you’re creative with it.

Being creative means commenting more than “Looks great!” or a heart emoji, or a copy and paste bot-like response. It means making your comment unique and related to the content shared. There are so many comments out there, yours has to be unique and show personality to be seen.

“Posting creative or thoughtful comments is a great way to break through such noise. It’s also another opportunity to show off your brand’s personality to potential followers.” – Sprout Social

Use and Create Guest Content

Gaining social media awareness through guest content goes both ways. Look for opportunities to create guest content for other people or companies as well as look for people to create guest content for you to share on your own social media. It’s great because it benefits both sides!

By being a guest and creating content for others to share, their followers will be introduced to you. If they like what was shared, they might go check you out!

“However, run-of-the-mill content won’t cut it – you need to be guest publishing high-quality stuff. Create memorable, valuable content and you’ll be introduced to new audiences and make a lasting impression.” – WordStream

Sharing guest content can draw the guests’ followers to your social media profiles. If they love your guest, they want to see what they’re doing over on your profile!

Every brand wants to increase its social media awareness. If you’re not doing these things already, give them a try and see what happens!

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