A creative intern’s design process!

Here we are again, back with an update from the graphic design intern!

I can’t believe that I’m already FOUR weeks in, I’m excited to say that I am still learning so much, and even better than that I’ve gotten validation in my design skills.

What do you mean intern Meg? Are you not confident in your design skills?

Well-valued Voss friends, when I’m designing I have a very distinct process: 

  1. Brainstorm 
  2. Start designing 
  3. Think “everything I touch is awful!”
  4. Keep designing 
  5. Think “maybe this isn’t so bad…” 
  6. Keep designing 
  7. Think “am I a design genius?” 
  8. Reign it in 
  9. Keep designing 
  10. Decide if I keep touching it we’ll be back to step one
  11. Present to the Mega Voss Boss
  12. Hold breath.

That process usually ends with my final designs either being well received OR at least at a point where constructive feedback can be given and I can apply those suggestions effectively to make an even better final product.

Now I’m sure many of you are wondering, “Intern Meg, what is the most valuable thing at your internship so far?”

Good question! At this point in time, I’d have to say the thing I value most is, the fact that Mandi (Mega Voss Boss) is open to my ideas, excited about my designs, and able to give constructive feedback and suggestions that I can work with and apply to make my design better/more accurate to whatever it is I’m working on.

I think it’s safe to say I’m enjoying my internship. I’m so stoked to continue working on my current assignments and can’t wait to see what comes my way in the next 2 weeks!

Come back in 2 weeks to see what I’m up to!

Stay Caffeinated,
– Intern Meg

P.S. That tiny dog butt in my illustration is Kuzco the baby dog…he is really the mastermind behind everything, I’m just the hands of the operation.


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