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Let’s have a little chat about our “Full Brand Guide” (we’ll just call it a Brand Guide for the rest of this post tho). We think it’s important to fill you in on this service because it’s brand new, and not everyone knows what a Brand Guide is (and that’s totally okay).

So, what exactly is a Brand Guide?

Well, it’s a cool 20-30 page document that brings together all your branding elements. We’re talking about stuff like your company mission statement, vision, values, brand voice, and so much more! (You can find all the juicy details in the pricing section if you’re interested.)

This document is like a snazzy presentation of your branding that you can share with your employees, other companies you collaborate with, and basically anyone you want to impress!

Having a solid brand guide in place ensures that your branding stays consistent no matter what project you’re working on or who you’re working with. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than getting pumped up for a product and then finding out the colors are all wrong because the company “tried their best to match them.” Talk about a letdown, right? And not to mention, expensive!

Now, you might be wondering who exactly needs a Brand Guide. Well, it’s a fantastic resource for any business.

Since the price point for this service is a bit higher, we usually recommend it to businesses that are a bit further along in their journey (whether it’s in terms of time or unexpected success). It tends to be more affordable for those who are already making a profit in their business.

Okay great Mandi, that all sounds good, but what happens after the Brand Guide is created? Well, once it’s all complete, the designer will send it over to you for review.

From there, a couple of things can happen:

  1. You might absolutely love it, not want any changes, and start using it right away!
  2. On the other hand, you might have had a vision in your head for your typography, color palette, logo, and everything else. But when you see all your existing brand elements compiled in one document, you might feel a bit underwhelmed. Hey, that’s totally fine! Sometimes things look better in our heads than they do in reality, no matter how hard a talented designer tries!

With the Brand Guide, you get two rounds of revisions or changes included in the price. So, if that’s your experience, you’re more than welcome to ask the designer to tweak elements and make everything more appealing and cohesive. Giving the designer some wiggle room often leads to better results!

  1. Maybe you started off with an open mind, and the designer came up with ideas you never even considered. Now, your original selections aren’t feeling quite right, or perhaps what the designer came up with doesn’t match your intended vibe. No worries! Don’t stress out—just communicate your feelings, be specific about what you want, and the appropriate changes can be made!

Regardless of what happens during the design process, we’ll work closely with you to ensure you end up with a result you’re proud to show off. We get it—your business is an extension of you, and it’s important to us that you walk away feeling happy and understood, armed with a fantastic tool to use!

Oh, and if you’ve already purchased the Mini Brand Guide and you still love the content but your business has grown and you want to add more to it, no problem! Just shoot an email to Mandi and she’ll guide you on how to expand your mini brand guide.

If you feel like a Brand Guide is a bit more than what you need at this point in your business journey, we’ve got you covered! Take a look back at our previous post about our previous post “Some information about our Mini Brand Guide“.

We’re here to help you rock your branding journey, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance. You’re in good hands!


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