Businesses that are Killing it on Social Media

Social media is essential for any kind of business, big or small, in this day and age. Some might even say it’s more effective for advertising than print ads or commercials. There are many companies out there that have realized this and are using social media’s marketing potential to its fullest.

So who are they?


If you haven’t heard of Depop, they are an online used clothing marketplace. People can go there to buy or sell used clothes to anyone around the world. In a time where thrifting is so popular, this company had huge potential. Social media has helped them reach it.

The app itself is already similar to social media in the way users share photos of themselves wearing interesting clothes they are selling. You can ‘like’ someone’s shop to see future things they sell. Of course, they also use other social media platforms to bring customers to them. They’ve done this through various means, but especially through sharing lots of UGC – User Generated Content.

“As reported by Marketing Week, the brand’s head of digital marketing, Yoann Pavy, suggests that user-generated content is key to social success. ‘A lot of our content on Instagram is just reposting the coolest shit that is on Depop for people to see.’ He added: ‘At the core, that’s our strategy. And then we add a little bit of influencer marketing, we have paid marketing on top of that and everything is interlinked.’” – Econsultancy


Wendy’s presence on social media is probably one of the most notorious out there, especially when it comes to Twitter. Wendy’s Twitter strategy is one that focuses less on looking professional and business-like and is instead more subtle in their advertising.

Instead of outright advertising their restaurant, they create content that’s funny or relatable enough that people share it just because they enjoy it without purposely advertising them. They’ve created an authentic voice for themselves that makes you forget that they’re a massive company. They’ve got social media wrapped around their fingers!

“For years, Wendy’s had this quirky and out-of-the-box way to drive interactions on social media. We know the end goal was to sell burgers, but the tweets were so funny and good, most people didn’t even care. // Simply put, Wendy’s wasn’t afraid to drop the mic. The brand — represented by a sweet-faced, red-haired girl — roasted fans, cracked jokes and called out competitors.” – Medium


One of the best things a business can do to be successful on social media is not entirely focus on their product, but instead create content that their target customers would be interested in and gain loyal fans through. Nike has got this down pat.

“Focusing on its athletes and sports teams instead of the product itself, Nike has drawn its audience’s attention to the people who make the brand. This is evident in their use of their social media platforms.” – Eclincher

By creating and sharing content that is inspiring and evokes emotions, such as athletes making history, Nike makes themselves seem more authentic. That’s the type of brand people get attached to. Then, the next time someone is out shopping for shoes, their subconscious will draw them towards Nike since they have positive emotions associated with them.


Spotify’s best move to gain traction through social media was with its development of Spotify Wrapped. Their yearly, personalized summary of each user’s music experience throughout the past twelve months has become a social media phenomenon.

Spotify creates a visual and audio experience for each user that summarizes their most listened to artists of the year, their top songs, their top genres, etc. It’s fascinating for each user to swipe through. But the most genius move of them all was when they added a sharing function to it.

“Every user’s Wrapped summary is accompanied by graphics that are instantly shareable and social media-ready. But Spotify’s campaign didn’t start or end there. The Wrapped experience had quizzes, slides, videos and personalized playlists” – Sprout Social

Now, each year, millions of users share snippets of their Spotify Wrapped all over social media. It makes people using competitor companies, such as Apple Music, feel as if they’re missing out. In some cases, people have even switched from Apple Music to Spotify so that they can have a Spotify Wrapped to share with their friends next year. Now that is one genius social media strategy.

These are only some of the businesses that are killing it on social media. Nearly all businesses use social media in one way or another to gain customers, be it a bakery sharing photos of today’s batch of cinnamon rolls or local hairdressers sharing hair care tips. Every business has the potential to find their niche on social media and gain new customers.

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