Coffee, Ask Question, Design, Repeat

Hello from the new intern!

I’m Megan, a graphic design student, who needed to find an internship as part of my college program. A friend of mine connected me to Mandi who ended up checking out my portfolio and loving it! (YAY!) Mandi gave me the opportunity to intern with Like A Voss Inc. and I was stoked to accept!

Before starting my internship I was unsure about what I was getting into…

“Did school prepare me for this?”,

“Am I really ready?”,

“Maybe I don’t need to graduate!”

…Well I do need to graduate and the school did prepare me in the design sense, just maybe not as much in the “Programs you will encounter while working” sense.

I must admit I’ve had some panic attacks and moments of staring at my computer screen asking, “What does that mean?!”, and “Wait, what am I supposed to do?”. These questions are of course accompanied by what I’m sure is the most ridiculously confused look on my face, but then I take a second, breathe, get some more cold brew, and ask the team my questions. They give answers right away and I’m off to do the task like there was no panic attack five minutes earlier.

So, how’s it all going? 

Well, I’m currently wrapping up my second week of interning and it’s been an exciting learning experience. I’ve been using my design skills to create graphics, learning about how the business side works, and exploring all the components involved. I would say it’s been an interesting, fun, and stressful experience going from the comfort of school to the reality of designing for a dedicated purpose. I’m interested to see what I will learn and get to design during the rest of my time at Like A Voss Inc.

A note to future interns: Don’t be afraid to ask your questions (it’s ok!), your skills are valuable (that’s why you’re here!), and make sure your coffee is fully stocked, it’s a handy work companion…at least it is for me!

Stay caffeinated,

Intern Meg!


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