Common Facebook Posting Mistakes Community Managers Make

If you are a community manager on Facebook and not getting the engagement or conversions you want, chances are you are not paying enough attention to the metrics or best practices of the platform.

Communicating with audiences on their terms and making sure to post thoughtful, useful and engaging content will garner you better results and get you more organic reach.

Here are 5 common Facebook post mistakes we see community managers making:

Not Double-Checking After You Post

Scheduling tools are great and it’s nice that Facebook lets you do it right on the platform. But monitoring scheduled posts, or posts in general, to make sure the links work, images are compressed properly and that spelling is correct will set you up for success.

A post can look great in draft form, but sometimes things can get skewed along the way.  

Tip: Test links both before and after you post to make sure they are working.

Broken Or Misleading Links

There is nothing worse than a wrong or misleading link. Links that point to a misleading destination show your audience that you don’t care and that you can’t be trusted.

Broken links will also severely hurt your conversion rates since customers can’t purchase or consume what they can’t find.

Tip: Only include links in posts that are relevant and be very clear about where they lead to ensure your followers don’t feel frustrated or mislead.

Not Responding To Negative Comments

Facebook is a conversation and it is important to pay attention to the negative comments on your posts. Even if a comment isn’t particularly productive, a simple “thank you for your feedback” will go a long way to show your audience that you care and that you are thoughtful about online community management.

An open forum is not the place to get defensive, so it is best to admit your mistakes if any, be gracious and always do your best to resolve the issue ASAP!

Tip: If the resolution is not satisfactory, do your best to move the conversation to a private forum like email or DM.

Every Post Is An Ad

If everything you post is “buy my book “ or “like my page”, you will get nowhere. The key to converting on social media is creating relevant content that audiences want to see.

No one likes feeling marketed to, so be more subtle and thoughtful about branded posts and always make sure you are offering your audience real value in exchange for their attention – they’re worth it!  

Tip: In order to provide your audience with real value, aim for a 20/80 split between CTAs and relevant/interesting content. If you post about your brand 20% of the time or less, your audience is far less likely to tune out your message.

You Posts Too Much Or Too Little

If posts are too spread out, you tell your audience and the Facebook algorithm that they are not important and that you have better things to do. Conversely, if you post too often, you run the risk of audience fatigue.

Finding the right post schedule and frequency is a fine dance between not spamming your audience and paying attention to the natural life cycle of your posts. Once engagement on a previous post begins to taper, feel free to post again.

Tip: Try to post no more than once a day to avoid audience fatigue whilst still remaining relevant to your online community.

Poor posting strategies on Facebook are a fast-track way to get you blocked, unfollowed and/or your posts hidden. Having a consistent, balanced posting strategy is a great way to stay be relevant to your audience.

Consistent posting keeps your followers engaged and you are more likely to get organic reach since Facebook’s algorithm will mark your content as relevant and give it more priority.

By staying away from these common Facebook mistakes, you will stand a much better chance at having your content met with enthusiasm!

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