Dancing My Way Through Internship

HOW? How is it Friday again?

You know what I have noticed as I sit here dancing at my desk? That it doesn’t need to be Friday here for me to be dancing at my desk. If that doesn’t mean I am comfortable and happy to be here, I don’t really know what does. I know Mandi probably enjoys my terrible moves from her peripherals.

This week was full of more learning, more fun and more baked treats (Mandi brought my favourite back – banana muffins with protein).

But honestly, one of the best parts of this week was actually time spent away from my desk. On Tuesday Mandi suggested that after work we attend the Get Your Sh*t Together event happening in our coworking space put on by Kingston Young Professionals,

As the end of interning and the thoughts of “what’s next?” sneak up, this was exactly what I needed. It was so refreshing to hear that even people out in the working world don’t always have it together and I am no different.

It was also interesting to hear how social media can definitely play a part in making us feel like we don’t have our sh*t together – especially because it has us playing that comparison game. You know what I’m talking about *cue readers sitting a little bit lower in their chair*.

As much as we love social media (hence working in a social media agency) and it can be great for your business and for staying connected to those we may not see often, it also can be something we need to take time away from and not always take things at face value.

I absolutely love that my learning at Like a Voss happens even beyond the 9-5 and that it’s more than just doing the everyday tasks. It’s also getting to experience events and networking and enjoying some free food along the way *flashback to Deanna shoving 50 horderves in her mouth*.

This weeks random discovery: I learned that I like brie with some peach jam… just saying. I mean it was a journey – my facial expressions said it all.

One week left here at Like a Voss and I am already getting emotional. I need to remember not to wear mascara next week.


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