Do You Have A Video Strategy For Social Media?

Video content is one of the best ways to draw attention to your brand and message online. Audiences are becoming blind to static media, and it is more and more difficult to get our fans to slow down as they scroll through their feeds.

Videos add a unique dynamic that stands out and grabs the audience’s attention. Here are ways to utilize video on social media to get more engagement and impressions!

Live Stream

Live streaming might be a newer form of content on major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but it has long been a great way to deliver content and engage online audiences. This type of content creates real-time engagement and allows you to control where and when your audiences consume your media.

Since live streams force users to consume content in a certain time and place, it ensures that you are targeting only users who are very interested in what you have to say. There really is no other content marketing strategy that can boast leads as qualified as the ones who watch your live streams, since they often already follow you and are willing to give you their attention whenever you ask.

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook ads are a cost effective and flexible way to boost media and get impressions. People spend 5 to 10 times longer viewing video content on social media over the regular static images. This is because video content has not yet oversaturated the ad market and it is something novel to view.

The best part about this type of advertising is that it allows you to pay only if someone actually views your video. Many, targeted micro-clip ads are the way to go as you can tailor each one to specific niches within your market and really hone in on audience demographics.

For more on this topic, check out the in depth coverage from Adespresso by Hootsuite.

Micro Video/Vlog Content

Micro video content means short videos and/or vlogs that have a very concise and targeted message for your audience. This type of content is quick and easy to make and share, and is more likely to get you the impressions you want. Chopping up your video and vlog content into smaller, more digestible sound bites, clips and featurettes, will engage your audience across various platforms in a way that is more likely to go viral!

Video Calls To Action

If you know exactly how your video will appear to your audience, you can include calls to action in your video content. If you know that your youtube video has an annotation in a particular frame, you can point to it in the video and ask your audiences to click. This is a great tactic for stories and ads as well when you know your audience will be asked to “swipe up”.

CTAs in video content are engaging in a very specific and visual way and are proven to get you more subscribers, follows and conversions.

Video content, when executed correctly, draws followers in and can create a clearer picture of your brand message by combining the best media marketing tactics (i.e. text, sound, image etc.) – you create unparalleled content that is much more likely to be consumed!

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