Gen Z Is Typing…

Cue the applause, it’s the end of my first month interning at Like A Voss!

I didn’t mean to rhyme just there. However, there’s no way I’m going to not make it rhyme now that the deed is done, because why spoil all the fun. Okay, I am actually done rhyming.

To reiterate, yes, it has been a whole month of me, Emrys, being an intern and doing real work with real life consequences. I only say that because the work I’ve done in college is done with a safety net.

I’ve had an incredible first month with the team here at LAV and here are some of my favourite moments from the past month:

  • Discussing who our favourite characters were from Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Finding out I’m not the only one on the team OBSESSED with Supernatural (RIP)
  • Working with Cheryl on LAV’s Black History Month content
  • Brainstorming sessions for ideas for clients
  • Putting my face in front of a camera for people to see

I will say filming myself for LAV’s Instagram has grown on me, which is not something I expected since I prefer to be more “background” than “leading role”. Maybe I am more of a main character than I thought? Only time will tell, I suppose.

My biggest takeaway from the past month is how differently I look at strategizing social media engagement. Every work day at LAV I do what are called “Follow/Unfollow” sessions on Twitter, which help to freshen up feeds, find new followers to interact with and that could lead to a network connection. When I was tasked with my first one I was quite anxious about screwing it up, worried that I wasn’t doing it right or that I wasn’t thinking strategically enough.

Like all things, it became easier with practice, and it definitely helps that there are over 6 accounts I do these sessions for! Now when I do the Twitter sessions, I know what I’m looking for: recent account activity, number of tweets, number of followers, authenticity of the account, and above all, will following/unfollowing these accounts be consistent with the brand identity of our clients? It’s one of those weird, rare moments in my life where I feel confident, or at least I think I feel confident (thank you, impostor syndrome). It strangely makes me feel happy, to feel like I know what I’m doing in a field I’ve spent 2 years avidly studying.

It’s these moments where I acknowledge that my worries of not “fitting in” as a marketer are put at ease. It’s all about the experience I gain from opportunities such as this, and even as I write this blog there are things I did today that gave me – what do they call it – a sense of fulfillment? An exciting development on my academic and career journey.

Another exciting development over the past month is that I do not in fact own a comfortable chair to work in, so definitely something I will be looking to fix by my next blog update.

In all seriousness, I am eager to see what this next month brings in terms of experiential learning and what I can bring to the table to prove myself as an upcoming marketer.


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