Get to know Jennifer Alexander!

Hi! I’m Jennifer.

I’m a writer and entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. I’ve worn many hats over the years, but somehow they have all fallen under the umbrella of either writing or business.

From a very young age, I was deeply fascinated by the idea that I could buy and/or make something for a small amount of money, and then turn around and sell it at a profit. I started my first business when I was 12 (custom-printing band tees and memorabilia for obscure/local bands and cult films that couldn’t be found anywhere else) – I saw a need in the market and, with a little help from my mom, was able to fill it!

Following that, my writing career began when I fell in love with poetry. I stumbled upon a copy of Walden at age 13 and was immediately struck by its sentiments of self-reliance and introspection. It was a little dense for me at such a young age, but nevertheless, I relished every word. The first poem I ever wrote won a contest and was published in a local magazine. This gave me the confidence over the next few years to expand my talent into other forms of writing like screenplays, songs and articles. I would spend the following 5 years writing for the stage in Toronto and producing a couple of my own original works – I will always get a kick out of seeing my words come to life in that way; there simply is nothing like it!

Another fascination of mine has always been psychology. Social economics was one of my favourite subjects in school – I loved learning about all the little psychological triggers behind the social and economic choices we make in our day to day lives – this has no doubt aided me in business and online marketing. However, rather than exploit vulnerabilities, I like to use my psychological insights to empower and uplift audiences and customers.

I found out I had a knack for social media when I entered a global search for “real women” to model swimwear in 2013. It was called Star In A Bra and when it was announced that I was a finalist, the online attention made my modest Instagram account increase a hundredfold in traffic. I was catapulted into the world of influencers, modelling and body positivity and my Instagram page became a place where women could come to feel good about themselves and their bodies. Though I have never minded being in the spotlight, I prefer a quieter existence and soon realized that I had more interest in the metrics of social media over the glossier front end. I still model now and then, but my attention has since moved on to more behind the scenes endeavours. I am super passionate about the way that social media can help businesses inspire and grow their audiences and I love helping entrepreneurs like myself use this new form of connection in unique ways.

Sometimes it can be hard to be yourself online, especially if you’re a private person. To this I say, just make sure your brand online aligns with your core values. Clients get anxious when I try to convince them to use social media because they think it means they have to post tons of selfies and personal information about their lives. As long as you believe in what you’re posting, remain engaged in an authentic way and are consistent, you and your company can leverage social media without having to post duck-face selfies or regrettable content. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love a good selfie!

A final piece of advice: Embrace your niche! These days it’s easy to get distracted by the global market and think that everyone is a potential customer, but in order to build a thriving online community, you have to find a voice and a perspective that is uniquely your own. So whether your social media account is for your personal brand or for a company, make sure you are true to yourself and your customer/fan base in the very specific way that only YOU can be!

If you would like help growing your social media and finding your authentic voice online, feel free to reach out.

Instagram: JenniferAlexanderOfficial
LinkedIn: Jennifer Alexander

Cheers xx


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