Hiring a Social Media Agency in Campbell River, Vancouver Island

Maximise Your Social Media Reach in Campbell River, Vancouver Island 

Use your social media following to grow your brand in the seaside location of Campbell River. Tune into your niche and how to engage your audience with local shots of the scenery and lifestyle to incorporate into your industry. For example, create a slow motion 360 degree view from the Discovery Pier. Then add on some text that inspires your existing followers or attracts new followers. The Tyee Spit is another great location to capture content. Capture a beautiful sunset, overlay some text that is on brand, and then add some trending audio to create a gorgeous reel. Be sure to tag your location when you’re posting to attract followers from your area, if you’re hoping to create direct conversions for a local specific company. 

If your brand is looking for a more global reach, you’re sure to grow your following by showing really unique content, like the Big Rock along the Sea Walk. There’s a neat story that goes along with the rock, and if you can tie it into your content to also incorporate your brand, you’ll be hitting the social media jackpot!

Increasing Your Social Media Following in Charming Campbell River

If your social media presence includes active shots and fitness, you’ll definitely want to venture out to places like Ripple Rock. While you’re hiking, capture a variety of still shots and short 10 second videos, that you can then compile into an engaging reel. Add some trending audio and some value add text, and you’re sure to see your following grow!

Even though Campbell River is small, there are a plethora of local hotspots that are sure to inspire and entertain your audience. Places like the Rotary Sea Walk, where you can ride, walk or run the 10 km lane capturing movement shots of people walking by, videos of the scenery and even selfies or abstract videos showing you doing you! Don’t feel limited by the fact that you’re not in a sprawling city. From the Greenways Loop to the Salmon Hatchery, there are unlimited options for creating consistently performing content. If all of this is sounding a bit like a foreign language, keep reading. We’ve got a solution.

Hiring an Organic Social Media Management Agency in Campbell River, BC

All of the most successful business owners know one thing – you don’t waste your time and energy on the jobs you don’t thrive at and enjoy. If you’re finding that social media content creation is pulling you away from building your brand in the front end, it’s time to consider outsourcing.

Hiring an Organic Social Media Management Agency that is local to your area (like us!) is a great way to get started. We are already familiar with the location, lifestyle and demographic, and we’ll get to work crafting an intentional strategy that matches your brand and vision. Our headquarters are located in Campbell River, with a team that’s spread out across Canada. Our skilled copywriters and graphic designers will work directly with you to create engaging, brand specific content, that will drive growth, engagement and create direct paying conversions, if that’s part of your business goals. 

To discuss the options with us, just Book a Complimentary Vibe Check, and we’ll connect to determine if we are a good fit to work together. If we are, get ready to see your social media presence expand, and your brand along with it!



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