How To Attract Your Ideal Customer On Social Media

In order to get the attention of potential followers, you have to build an online community worth engaging with. 

Here are some ways to attract your ideal customer on social media. 

Do Your Research 

Properly researching your target demographic will help you zero in on what your audience will connect to. 

“Understand where your ideal customer is going. Where are they shopping? Does your ideal customer go to Costco, Publix, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods? Without a doubt, we can all agree that the vibe and what feels familiar in each of those brands is very different.” – Social Media Examiner 

Use hashtags and other social listening tactics in order to locate your customers and discover what is important to them. You can use what you find as inspiration and tailor content directly to them. 

Have A Clear Message 

When users come across your content on social media, they’re bound to click through to your profile. Then, they will only spend a few seconds deciding if you’re worth following. This is why it’s essential that you have a clear brand message. 

“I can’t stress enough about having a clear vision of the one thing you want your company to represent, and a cohesive communications strategy before you even think about your first tweet.

When you’re connecting with millions of people at a time you need to make sure your message is on point. We’ve all heard the horror stories of a tasteless message going viral and picked up by a hundred news channels.” – Marysol Patton

If your message isn’t clear enough, perhaps it’s time to update and optimize stale profiles and content. Check out our blog on how to spring clean your online presence

Keep It Casual 

In order to attract your ideal customer online, it’s important to speak to them in a casual and inviting tone. This will make you come across as authentic and users will be more likely to listen to your message. 

“Social media is an intimate way to connect with your customers. It’s where your followers also interact with friends and family members. People expect their discussions with brands to be just as comfortable as a message to a friend.” – Sprout Social 

Your customers already know that you’re using social media to market to them. It’s not a secret. Humanizing your brand will help you stand out as more than just another brand on social media. 

Believe & Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Finally, in order to find your ideal customer, you have to put yourself in their shoes. 

Would you follow yourself if you could? What are the chances you would engage with your own content? Have you or would you ever buy your products or services yourself? 

Above any of the other social media advice, you have to buy into what you’re selling. You must believe that your brand and your products are providing your customers with value. This is essential whether you’re selling a product or a message. 

Being able to attract the ideal customer on social media is all about understanding where your audience is coming from. If you pair that knowledge with in-depth research and a clear message, you’re bound to set yourself apart from the competition! 

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