How to Craft An Email Newsletter that People Actually Read

How many of us are constantly flooded with an overwhelming stream of emails? I don’t know about you, but my inbox is always full and it stresses me out constantly. To rid myself of this feeling, I will mindlessly delete everything that looks remotely unimportant with the unflinching heartlessness of an impatient tween. 

So, how do you craft an email that stands out to users enough to pause their deleting tirades and actually read what you have to say? Keep reading and we’ll be happy to reveal all our secret tips.

Make It About the Reader, Not the Business

If you want someone to truly engage with what you’re writing about, then make it all about them. To be honest, readers don’t want to read an entire email all about how awesome your business is, they want to read about things that are relevant to them.

How do you find out what’s relevant to your customers? Easy; do your research! See what kinds of content they engage with online, which of your social media posts generated the most comments and don’t be afraid to come right out and ask. 

By asking your customers what they want to hear about, you are showing that you genuinely care about their wants. As long as the main focus of your email newsletters is about the reader, don’t be afraid to sprinkle in some awesome info about your business too!

Sound Like A Human

Who enjoys reading stiff, professional jargon that sounds like it was generated by a robot? Nobody! Don’t be afraid to show some personality when you’re writing and really connect with your audience.

This is obviously easier said than done so think of it in terms of a conversation. Always write as though you are having a two-way conversation with your audience. Be honest, ask questions and try to relate to them. Trust me, it will make things a lot more engaging to read and also way more fun for you to write too.

Once you define your unique writing or overall brand voice, your audience should be able to recognize it and it will become familiar to them. Once you have become a familiar part of your customer’s lives and have built up that personal relationship, they will be more likely to open your emails because it feels like they are receiving an update from a friend rather than a business.

Why Does It All Matter?

Lastly, the big question that haunts us all – why does it all matter? Why should your reader care about what you’re telling them? Always bring it back to how what you’re saying relates to your audience. This will help keep them engaged and ensure you don’t get off track in your messaging.

So there you have it, folks, those are some top secret tips that will help you craft an email newsletter that people actually read and might even look forward to. How do you engage with your readers? Still need help building those personal relationships? Contact us today and we’d be more than happy to help!


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