How To Create A Unique Voice For Your Brand

As a brand on social media, creating your unique voice is essential to attracting loyal and happy clients. A unique voice humanizes you and builds a stronger connection between you and your clients. It adds personality to your brand and helps to tell its story. With millions and millions and brands out there on social media, you need a unique voice to stand out amongst the masses. 

“Your voice decides who follows you, who keeps following you, and who supports you. When your voice is clear, people know what they’re getting when they follow you, they know that they like what you have to say, and they know that you’re someone they’re interested in.” – Like A Voss

The question is, how do you create that voice?

Figure Out Who You Brand Is

To know and create a distinct voice for your brand, you need to know who your brand is, who it’s for, and what each party wants. That’s essential information that you need to even begin building the backbone of your brand.

Once you know who your brand is, it can help to list four or five adjectives that suit that identity. They can be anything, as long as you firmly believe they help to encompass what you want to show as a brand.

Here are some examples you could use:

  • Eager
  • Fierce
  • Lively
  • Formal
  • Witty
  • Confident
  • Silly
  • Calm
  • Elegant
  • Endearing

The list goes on and on!

You can use these adjectives to remind yourself who you’re talking to on social media and use them to develop a tone that matches those adjectives. These will become the characteristics of your voice and your brand.

Listen To Your Clients

Seeing how your clients and followers interact and use social media can help you to discover your own voice, you just have to listen and observe. Create a voice that blends well with the voices of the people that love your brand the most. It will create a sense of familiarity for similar people being introduced to your brand. Know your clients. It’s much more important to be specific to them, then try and make your voice broad enough to reach everyone. 

Not everyone is going to be interested in your brand so don’t alienate the people that are by trying to attract everyone. Creating a general, broad voice almost always ends in a boring, indistinct voice that no one feels connected to. 

“Listening can reveal how your community speaks and can help you speak easier with them and to them. You can use their language and meet them on their terms.” – Buffer

Know How Your Voice Changes

The tone of your brand voice is going to change depending on the situation. At least, it should change if you want your voice to be authentic (and you really do want it to be authentic).

“People have been searching and striving for authenticity on social media for years. Now, that drive is stronger than ever. People want to see the real person behind the photos, tweets, videos, etc–and that doesn’t just include influencers, that includes brands as well.” – Like A Voss

Authenticity includes talking like a real person on social media, and that means understanding how your brand’s tone shifts and how to create that shift while still staying true to the unique voice you created. You’re going to sound different when you’re announcing a new product or service than when you’re making a casual post about the day-to-day.

In the end, what’s most important to remember when creating a unique brand voice is to make sure it’s authentic, realistic, and specific to your clients. If you stay true to those three things, you’re sure to come up with the perfect brand voice for your company!

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