How to Create Brand Loyalty With Your Social Media Content

Brand loyalty is one of the most important things for your company’s success. One of the best and easiest ways to increase brand loyalty is through your social media. The question is, how?

Share Customer Content

Your customers/followers want to know that if they make content about you, it’s seen and valued. The more you show customer content, the more other customers will be encouraged to do the same. Having customers that are loyal enough to you to share your product on their own social media profiles is super beneficial to you as it increases your reach to their audience.

“Lots of businesses will share photos on their Instagram story that customers tagged them in—such as someone holding a coffee from a certain coffee shop, this is also known as user-generated content. This makes that specific person feel more connected to the company as well as the people that see it feel as if it’s a company that cares and interacts with its customers.” – Like A Voss

Once someone has seen their own content on your social media, it creates a sense of attachment and loyalty to you. That’s exactly what you want! It’s not hard at all to share a post or two you’ve been tagged in.

Respond to Customers

Brands with high engagement rates also tend to be the brands with the most loyal customers. Taking the time to respond to some of your customers’ comments, questions, and DMs on social media is worth the time.

“Why? Because responsiveness shows customers that you care about their needs, which builds their brand loyalty. In fact, 72% of millennials said they would be more loyal to a brand that responded to them. On the flip side, being unresponsive can decrease brand loyalty: 15% of Twitter users will unfollow a brand if the brand isn’t engaging with them enough.” – AdEspresso

If your customers feel ignored by you, even if you don’t intend it to be that way, they’re not going to feel any sort of attachment to you. Think of it like this, you’ve been to two similar restaurants. Both of them have the same quality food, but one of them has servers that engage with you and the other has servers that tend to ignore you. Which one are most likely to go back to?

Even though social media is digital, the same goes for it. Engagement in-store or on social media is essential for customer loyalty.

Focus on Your Brand Voice and Values

To have loyal customers, your customers need to have something that they can connect to. Having a distinct voice makes you seem more authentic and authenticity plays a huge role in a customer’s feeling of connection to you.

“It’s important to understand your brand’s values to ensure your brand voice fits your company culture. Besides helping communicate your message effectively, it will shape your brand’s community and ensure that you truly connect with your customers.” – Like A Voss

Values are also very important to loyalty as they’re something concrete that your customers can appreciate and connect with. Say your company values vulnerability and that’s something a customer values as well. As soon as they know that, there is an immediate connection built between you.

Never underestimate the power of customer loyalty to your company and never underestimate the role social media can play in building that.

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