How to Effectively Repurpose Your Content to Fit Different Social Channels

You may be under the impression that in order for your social media channels to grow you need to constantly be creating new content, but that’s simply untrue. Of course, that doesn’t mean to never make new content, it just means knowing how you can also repurpose your content and get it to work for you again and again

Here is a guide to help you do figure out how to repurpose your content!

Consider the Type of Content You’re Repurposing

There are tons of things you can repurpose—blogs, videos, photos, etc—but each kind takes a different kind of editing to be effective.

For example, one video can become a bunch of different kinds of videos with the right editing. Small clips of it can be used for tons of different promotional videos on social media. Similarly, quotes can be taken from a blog to make social media posts, but unlike the video, just this snippet isn’t enough. You need to add visuals for effect.

Take a look at this post on the Like A Voss Instagram page:

It doesn’t just copy and paste the exact words of the original blog the information came from, it cuts them down into what’s most important and adds some visually appealing graphic design to make it suited for Instagram.

Long videos and blogs will be your best friend when it comes to repurposing content.

Know What Your Most Effective Content Is

It’s almost pointless to repurpose content that didn’t do well or content that’s similar to recent content that didn’t do well. Even if whatever you’re repurposing did do well years ago, it might not now. Audiences change and you need to be aware of that and give them what they want to see.

When you’re going through your analytics and seeing your most successful pieces, be aware of what they’re about versus what your audience looks at now. Then choose the content that has both good statistics and a good topic.

“When you have found the content that has performed the best, it’s also important to ask “why?” Some content might have become very popular based on timeliness, how well they aligned with a trend, or commented on an event specific to that moment. No matter how well it performed originally, you don’t want to spend time repurposing content that’s no longer relevant.” – Glenmont

Republishing, Rewriting, and Finding New Content

“Every so often when I’m reviewing blog content, I’ll find some truly stunning articles held back by a couple of bits of information that haven’t aged as well.” – Buffer

Looking back on old content you’ll likely find evergreen content that can be great to republish, especially if it’s from years ago. Make sure you fix anything that might be outdated or irrelevant.

You may also find content that you liked the idea of, but you have developed since then. In content that is written (i.e. blogs), you can rewrite it and publish it again. It’s like it’s brand new!

You can also find completely new content in old content. You can take aspects of something and turn it into its own thing, like the subtitle in a blog can become an entire blog itself. For example, this blog is about repurposing content, and from it, we could get an idea to write an entire blog on something like “How to Get New Blog Ideas from Older Content”.

Repurposed content can be just as effective as brand new content if done right! Knowing the type of content you’re using and how to refresh it is key. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find something truly amazing that just didn’t get the spotlight it deserved a couple of years ago. Now is its chance to truly shine!

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