How To Find Real Customers On Twitter

At any given time there are thousands of people that are publicly expressing their needs, interests, and opinions using keywords associated with your products or services. Do you take advantage of this to reach out to customers in need? By simply searching keywords on Twitter, you can find the people that want your products and services, and increase your sales by reaching out to them on a personal level.

Here is an example of how to find real customers on Twitter:


These are real people that should be targeted in your next campaign. Believe it or not, reaching out to them on a personal level is much more efficient than sending out mass marketing tweets is hopes of click-throughs to your website. Private messages resonate with your customers and relationship building is far more effective than mass advertising in the world of social media.

Use these tips to build meaningful relationships on Twitter!

  • Search keywords relevant to your product or service
  • Find customers in need
  • Follow their account
  • Interact with them
  • Monitor account activity

These steps should not take more than 2-5 minutes per consumer and will help you create an attractive and trustworthy brand. To get the best results, you should be using Twitter “best practices” for content creation and engagement.

It does not take more than a few minutes each day, but it is understandable that some business owners simply do not have the time or patience to manage their (or their businesses) account. Even if you have someone on staff that is writing content for your account, you could greatly benefit from someone dedicated solely to relationship building. Feel free to leave a comment if have any questions of would like us to help you find real customers on Twitter.

Happy Tweeting!!


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