How To Use Social Media To Remain Relevant During The Off Season

Every business has its off season. Sales slow, the weather makes your products obsolete for a time, and no one is coming into your shop or checking out your online store.

For many business owners, Summer is one of the most common times for sales to taper since everyone takes time off and delay major purchases until after vacation season.  

So, as the warm weather arrives, we thought we’d share our tips on how to use social media to make it through the slowest months.

Pair With A Business That’s In Peak Season

If you’re in the business of snowblowers and it’s mid-July, pair up with a company that is gearing up for their peak season during the warmer months.

Host an event or giveaway on social media with the aim being to put your brand wherever the attention is.

You can even sponsor an event in the real world like a local concert, marathon or sporting event for brand exposure. The weather will cool eventually and all the awareness you built over the summer will pay off!

Remember, You’re Probably In Peak Season Somewhere

Perhaps this is the time to focus on new and foreign market campaigns. Social media makes it easier than ever to find out who your customers are all around the world.

Try swapping out your usual local hashtags for ones in another location or even in another language.  

“Even though it might be the off-season where you live and work, that doesn’t mean it’s the off-season for your product or service everywhere.

In this day and age of the global market, you can sell to people anywhere. Even better, thanks to time zone differences, you can sell to them at any time.”

So use this lull in business as an opportunity to grow your international followers!

Start Using A Social Media Management Tool

Sometimes it’s not just your customers who could use a break. If you plan to be off or on vacation during your slow season, don’t neglect your social media.

Build out your social media schedule for the months when you are away.

Never slow your posts just because you think people aren’t paying attention. No matter the time of year, customers are less likely to trust brands if their last social media post was more than a month ago.

Actively Engage With Your Audience  

Your audience is not seeking you out this time of year, so that means you should be working overtime to get on their radar!  

Check out these 5 ways to engage with your audience that aren’t contest.

Try Something New

Less eyeballs on your content means less judgement and criticism. Try something you’ve always been meaning to try on social media to gain confidence in more aspects of your strategy.

If you’ve never gone live or hosted a giveaway on social media, now’s the time to give them a try! Experiment and see what works so you can ramp up and kick things into high gear come peak season!

Summertime might be a slow time for your business, but it can also be a source of social media content gold. Follow these tips and you just might set your business up for profitability all year long!

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