It’s Coming to an End My Friends

Oh my gosh! Has it been another two weeks ALREADY?!

It’s really hard for me to believe that I only have 2 weeks left and my time here will be up…it’s ok we don’t need to cry *dabs tears away*.

I still have two weeks to create all the goodness I can and absorb all the great knowledge I can, WOO!

There is a college event coming up where I get to meet a bunch of the teachers and students I’ve been working with for the last three years. I am excited because I’ll be able to brag about my great internship and all the cool things I’ve gotten to do if anyone should ask! There have been some stories passed around among my peers and there is no question about it, I landed a killer internship. (Sorry, not sorry!)

…I’m not sure what else to say today…

I’m still working hard and trying to do the most so that I can learn the most, everything seems to be coming to an end/beginning all at the same time and it’s getting a little stressful if we’re being honest. I have a lot of things going on at the same time, and my brain is firing on all cylinders.

*Cue the Vitamin C – Graduation song*

I feel like I’m in this weird in-between spot where I still have a lot I want to do but also everything is starting to wrap up, not ready to reflect until my last post but my brain is already starting to reflect! It’s chaos over here I tell ya!

I may currently be a ball of nerves but I am also so excited and proud of myself that soon I’ll be able to say I have completed my internship and my ENTIRE 3-year college program!

Look forward to my last ever intern blog post!

Stay Caffeinated,
Intern Meg


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