Life of an Intern: Week 1

Hey, it’s Aswana here!

As a 22-year-old, freshly graduated from College, feeling nervous and anxious about transforming into a working population is a very appropriate emotion to be feeling right now. 

Even though my Canadian education gave me lots of the knowledge necessary to move forward in my career path, being accepted into a culture that is completely new to me was a nerve-racking challenge. 

Thankfully I was offered an Internship spot at Like A Voss Voss Inc. to head start my Canadian work experience, and my first stepping stone into the marketing world.

It was an amazing first week here wherein a lot of learning has already taken place. 

So far, the whole team has been truly helpful and supportive with all my tasks and queries. Although this week was only an introduction to the company and their work, it has me excited already to explore new areas, and expertise. 

From editing podcasts audiograms to writing blogs, this whole new chapter of my life has been truly wonderful. The most challenging part for me and the one thing I have to do out of my comfort zone is to film TikToks daily. As a person who is camera shy and has zero acting skills!!! Also, coming up with creative and fun ideas to keep the users engaged in our content is quite scary, but really exciting at the same time. 

Since the work environment is remote, everyone always gathers on Slack to greet each other first thing in the morning. We also have different channels for making the communication better and stronger. 

Mandi, our CEO, cares a lot about the mental wellbeing of her employees and offers us an environment that is stress free, happy, and filled with lots of love. Everyone gets to share and voice their opinions and ideas followed by constructive criticism for our tasks whenever needed. 

I am super happy to have joined this team to complete my summer internship. 

It brings me great joy to be with a small group of people who are humble, honest, cool, and genuine to the work they put forward and only a Slack or text away – hehe! Hoping to make the best of my six weeks here and sponge all the exposure and experience required to keep moving forward.

With lots of love,
– Aswana


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