Looking For Content To Post On Instagram? Try These 10 Ideas!

Are you feeling content creators block? Don’t freak out! We’ve totally been there too!

However, a good social media strategy requires consistent posting. So, If a lack of inspiration is stopping you from sharing regularly, check out these 10 Instagram content ideas that we love!

1. Post A Quote

Do you have a favourite quote or saying that always motivates you? Post it!

Quotes are one of the most liked and shared pieces of content on Instagram.

If you’re feeling particularly stuck, you can even take a direct quote from your blog or website that stands out and make a quote card. Don’t have graphic design experience? Here’s a list of great quote card making apps!

2. Post A #FromWhereIStand/Sit Pic

#FromWhereIStand photos or perspective shots are always dynamic conversation starters.

So put on your favourite pair of shoes, go for a walk and snap away! Your followers will love the view!

3. Post A Selfie

Say hello to the world!

Post a selfie with a status update in the captions. You can even be totally honest and say that you’re experiencing content creators block and ask for inspiration. Your followers love to feel like their opinion matters and will be quick to jump in with suggestions.

4. Post A Question

Our days are full of decisions. What to wear. What to eat. Where to go on vacation. If you’re feeling stuck, ask your community for suggestions with a question graphic and then create a dialogue in the comments.  

5. Post A Funny Throwback

It’s old, it’s funny, it’s classic, it’s you! Need we say more?

Here’s a list of some of the best celebrity throwbacks on Instagram to get you inspired!

6. Post A Shoutout!

Give a digital high-five to someone you admire! It’s a great way to bring your online community together and brighten the day of a peer.

Never given a shoutout before? Here are the basics!

7. Post A Flatlay

Flatlays are Instagram gold. They look beautiful, they get engagement, and they can often be made with the objects already laying around.

Your work tools, lunch and outfits always make great flatly content! You can also dig around in your social media prop box for effortless inspiration.

8. Post Your Process

Process is messy, interesting and fun! So let your audience behind the scenes and show them how you do what you do!

It doesn’t matter what your job, personal brand or career is, there’s always a process to show off!

9. Post Your Pets

Who doesn’t love a cute animal pic?

Ever wonder why many big advertisers use animals in their content? It’s because it’s engagement gold!

Posting an image of your pet is an easy way to create a great post on days when you’re out of ideas. Even If you run a business Instagram account, posting staff pets (with permission) is also perfectly fine!

10. Post An Accessory or Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

You don’t have to be a fashion influencer to show off your new outfits and accessories. Post your outfit of the day and tell your followers what you did or where you got it. Even if you didn’t go out, show the world your confidence with a #StayingIn post in your PJs!

We hope these ideas got your imagination going! No matter what you post, as long as you’re authentic and engaging, your followers will appreciate the effort!

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