Making The Move

Hi, my name is Jayme Burrell, and I am the newest intern at Like a Voss Inc.

I am currently in my last semester of the Advertising and Marketing Communications program at St. Lawrence college. The main thing that drove me to LAV was getting real experience as an intern. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my first placement and had a late start with LAV. This is only my second week, but I hope to improve my writing during my time here.

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, and moved to Kingston in the fall of 2020. My first year of college wasn’t what I hoped it would be, but COVID was unfortunately out of our control. I was living in residence the first year, and we weren’t allowed anyone in our rooms, it was like a jail. While this made my transition to Kingston difficult, I adapted very well once I got a few jobs.

In June 2022, I got my position as a Starbucks barista. This position helped me meet more people in Kingston that I work with and make long-term friends with my team. Even though the job is very fast, and customers can frequently get upset, I still love it.

Next year, I am continuing my schooling into the 3-year Graphic Design program at SLC to gain different skills. Since being in the AMC program, I have begun to see things differently regarding Marketing, Advertising, and Graphic Design. If a new bag of coffee beans is coming out at Starbucks, I will analyze every part of it because other people’s creativity is so interesting to me. Especially watching so many small businesses evolve throughout the pandemic, it is incredible to watch them grow from a Canva or Wix logo to a professionally designed graphic design logo.

I plan to build up my resume through my next three years of schooling. This will help me when I apply to post-graduation jobs to set me apart from other candidates. Although this is only my second week with Like a Voss, I know this will help in my future jobs.

– Jayme Burrell


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