My First Week with Like A Voss Inc.

Hello Everyone!

As I neared the end of my second year at St Lawrence College studying Digital Marketing Communications, I thought about how I could use the skills I’d obtained from my degree and bring my experiences into the working world and within a sector, I was interested in. This brought me to Like A Voss Inc., a place where I could gain hands-on experience, work within a team of experienced professionals, and develop my marketing skills.

During my interview, I fell in love with the job description, along with the adorable and amazing CEO Mandi Relyea-Voss. I immediately felt like the internship was a perfect fit for a Digital Marketing communication major like myself (and also for my inner social media enthusiast).

So, I started my internship with Like A Voss Inc. this week

This internship is conducted remotely as Like A Voss Inc. is headquartered in Vancouver Island. I heard about this opportunity through my college and was excited to learn about social media marketing as I personally love exploring social media and its new features. 

In this first week, the experience I got is definitely beyond what I expected, and each day brings multiple surprises, and a new outlook on this industry.

We had a few meetings for introductions, and getting the tasks assigned/explained. Each meeting would start off with some small talk about current events, or how our week had been, and then we would get into the deliverables for tasks. 

One thing I noticed right away was how much Emrys and Mandi cared about us. They made sure that we weren’t overwhelmed with tasks and that we understand what exactly we are expected to do. There was a very collaborative environment. With such a small group of people, it makes it easier to have your opinions heard and valued.

In addition to a collaborative environment, I found that I and the other interns became very passionate about Like A Voss Inc. in just one week. Maybe it was because Mandi is so passionate, but whatever it was made me excited for meetings and to actually get down to work. That is a big deal considering how much I procrastinate my school work sometimes.   

My goal through my internship is to make a difference, create engaging content, and complete it with successful outputs. I believe whatever work I do in these 6 weeks leaves a good impact and helps the business grow. Looking forward to some great 6 weeks with Like A Voss Inc. and enjoying my time here! 

– Ankita


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