My Second Week with LAV!

Hello everyone!

I’m back with a new blog to discuss my first 2 weeks with Like A Voss Inc.

From these first 2 weeks, I have learned so much which has helped me grow professionally as well as personally. The team is so supportive and patient when I ask many questions. It has really helped me settle down calmly and get into the process of completing the tasks fluently.

Just now I have begun to comprehend the various customers and platforms that LAV uses. I’m now getting acquainted with how a firm operates and attempting to be as smooth as possible. There are many things to do, like scheduling posts, designing visuals, and creating content for various clients. It all requires extensive research and client understanding. I never realized how much thought and effort went into creating the interesting posts I see. It comes out quite smoothly and easily. That is my current goal. 

Now that it’s my second week I have been given more tasks that are helping me understand new things every day on a new platform. Sendible and TikTok are completely new for me. Making videos and continuing to come up with new content ideas every day is really a head-scratcher. But that has been helping me develop my creative thinking and open up my mind to new ideas. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better support system from the LAV team. They’ve all been so friendly and inviting to me, even though they must be getting tired of all my silly questions. LAV communicates through slack and there are a few channels to just talk about what made your week great, and everyone shares the little things that gave them happiness. Everyone is open and communicates well with the team which gives me a sense of relief and I know I can discuss with them any problem I am facing.  

My goal for the coming weeks with LAV is to write more and more content to make my tone of voice exciting and engaging enough for social media. Also getting fast at completing my tasks as these first weeks just passed by in understanding different clients and platforms. Now that I’m getting the hang of it, I plan to organize my task list and complete it on time. This will help me take on more tasks in the future and learn about multiple things in my short-term experience.

– Ankita Bhujade


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