My Top 5 LAV Moments – End of My Internship

Hello Readers,

Finally, I am bidding my amazing internship goodbye! I can’t even begin to comprehend all that my summer internship at LAV has done for me. I want to appreciate the entire LAV team at the start of this blog for everything that they have done to expand my knowledge base, and professional experience.

I’ve gathered my top five LAV moments, from the educational to the funny, to celebrate my time here.

  • Completing the graphics for my first client
  • Successfully uploading my first TikTok
  • Participating in client projects
  • Hanging out with the entire LAV crew 
  • Writing these blogs to document my journey

I appreciate everyone who helped, as I was able to gain a lot of knowledge about this profession over the last few weeks. I’ve probably stated it before, but I appreciate the opportunity to work directly with Mandi and Emrys. I’ve learned so many new things that I didn’t know I needed to.

Working on social media and scheduling platforms was a lot of fun for me. Mandi has taught me so much, and I’m confident that I can apply this information in the future. It’s been a blast working with Emrys and Shawna as well!

This internship has constantly helped me accomplish my career dream of working in social media professionally. Writing engaging content for the company and a few clients was one of my duties during this internship. This task let me realize how much I enjoy writing and learning about the many writing styles that interest readers.

Another thing I have certainly gained while working on this task and also for myself at work is that maintaining a balance between work and your personal life is essential to achieve all of the objectives you have set for yourself, both at work and at home. I learned how to regularly plan using a calendar throughout this internship, indicating how much of my day would be spent working on projects for LAV while still making time for me.

These six weeks, I have been a newbie for the first 2 weeks and asked many basic doubts, but Mandi and Emrys have always patiently answered all of those, and guided me well so I can learn and take away a lot of things from everyday tasks. But from the third week, I started understanding every client and the tone of writing that is expected. I can go on and on about how wonderful my experience with LAV was and it won’t be enough.

I’m proud of finishing my internship and putting my best effort forward in whatever I did for LAV. This summer with the LAV team has taught me so much about the world and myself that I would not trade it for anything.

It has been a lot of fun, and I am sure I will stay in touch with everyone at LAV.

I am grateful that I was able to connect with so many outstanding people. For now, that is all.


– Ankita


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