On the road again, goin’ places that I’ve never been.

Here we are, the end of the intern journey, it’s been a great 2 months, and I have had a blast!

Working with the Like a Voss Inc. team has been so much fun, for an intern who doesn’t usually do well integrating seamlessly into new environments, it turned out great!

Intern Meg – “What was the best thing that came from this experience?” you ask.

Well, other than meeting some amazing people I feel like the best thing that came from this experience for me was the opportunity to grow.

Going from working at coffee shops to college was a big step and then going from college to an internship was another big step, I am about to go from this internship to…something else, and although that is TERRIFYING, I have grown so much (especially in the last two months) and I think I’m ready for this next LEAP in my life.

I know you will all miss my beautifully emotional blog posts and that’s ok, intern Meg will always have a special place in your hearts as you lovely readers have in mine. *wipes tear*

My head is full of knowledge and my heart is full of “yassss queen!” (the LAV team are the ultimate hype people!)

I am so thankful to Mandi for taking a chance and giving me the opportunity to intern at her lovely company, the process was tough for me but Like A Voss Inc. became a shining light in the absolute abyss that was my internship-seeking process.

Here is a list of some of the things interning at Like a Voss Inc. has given me…I love a good list:

1. New program knowledge
2. Challenges
3. Successes
4. Some SERIOUS hype moments
5. Inspiration
6. Motivation
7. Unlocked skills I didn’t know I had (Lead Gen? Who knew?!)
8. Unlocked new interests I didn’t know I had (Lead Gen? Is that you again?!)

As you can see I have RUN THE GAMAT of experiences (emotions too!) And I am so happy about that!

I am confident in leaving here knowing that I have done the most to learn everything I can and have participated in everything I could…I was the spongiest sponge that ever soaked up an experience!

I will always remember this internship as the best transition and learning point going from college to whatever I do next…hopefully my forever career, I don’t do well with stressing so if the next thing could be a really great thing that would be amaaaazing. To the entire Like A Voss Inc. team and specifically Mandi, thanks for the memories, I’m sorry to be leaving a Megan-shaped hole in your hearts.

Stay Caffeinated,
(An intern no longer)

– Meg


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