Shawna’s Final Blog

I can’t believe this is my last blog post as an intern at Like a Voss Inc.

To say these last four months have flown by would be an understatement. Honestly, the last two years at St Lawrence have flown by, and now today is my last day of school duties before I graduate. It’s kind of bittersweet.

I learned a lot about working online, and the difficulty that can come with it. However, remote working has a lot of benefits, and flexibility too. It was nice to get to work with a team across Canada, while having the comfort of my city, and home. It was even nicer getting to meet everyone I had been working with the last few months in person!

Going from all online, to in person was definitely a big change, but it was so nice to be able to bounce ideas off of each other in the moment, instead of waiting for text replies or the laggy video calls. It has been great to have the team there for support, ideas, and just laughs to boost morale.

The team taught me a lot. Although I have learned a lot about writing in the many courses I have taken, LAV helped give me a bit more personality when I write, instead of being all business. I have also been pushed out of my comfort zone, having to show my face more on Like a Voss’ Instagram stories, lives, and TikToks. They helped me become more confident in myself and my ideas and slowly helped the imposter syndrome fade.

Like A Voss was my first real industry experience, and it taught me a lot about organic growth, working with clients, and just the reality of how agencies run. And now, starting Monday I will be coming back. However, when I come back I will no longer be an intern.

I have been hired as an Engagement Specialist. I am grateful Mandi hired me on with LAV after completing my placement, and giving me the opportunity to grow and get more industry experience straight out of school.

So, you haven’t seen the last of me! Stay tuned for my newest tasks, updates, and all the fun at LAV.

– Shawna Steacy


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