Should you be using Google+?

In my opinion the value of Google+ as a social network is minimal for most users, and you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that 34 million unique visitors per month is not impressive considering they have 395 million ‘active’ accounts.

The audience on Google+ is currently, per StatisticBrain:

  • About 74% of users are male
  • 72% of users are 35 or older
  • Used by 40% of marketers as a social platform
  • Dominated by U.S. users, who make up 55%
  • Visited by only 22% of online adults per month (not much)

So – should you be using Google+ for your business? Honestly, I think it depends. I use it for a few clients, but not everyone. In fact, I don’t even have one setup for Like A Voss – but I do some posting under my name (when I remember to). 😛 Most of the clients that I work with have it to “check the box”…we share content but don’t get any interactions or start any conversations. It’s just a way to share links and ‘game’ the Google rankings!

However, if you think you want to start a Google+ accounts here are some things you should do.

  • Verify your Page
  • Claim your custom URL
  • Assign Page managers (you can only comment as a user)
  • Add the G+ Badge to your site
  • Post exclusive content
  • Grow your follower base
  • Engage with your community

It goes without saying that the sharing of attractive and rich content is the best way to grow your follower base, and engage with your community. The real question is what kind of content is best for sharing on Google+? The most engaging rich media on the network are beautiful photos, inspiring videos and informative charts and infographics. Use this rich media to catch people’s attention and make them more likely to share and interact with your brand. Google+ is easily customizable and allows a lot more flexibility when posting – use this to your advantage to make sure your content is as targeted as possible.

Tips to keep in mind when starting/growing your Google+ page:

  • Add value (as highlighted above)
  • Engage (look at what connections are posting and engage with them)
  • Respond (if someone interacts with you, respond)
  • Frequency and scheduling (get to know optimal times/frequency)
  • Don’t spam (as highlighted above)
  • +Name (if you want to tag someone)
  • Notifications (make sure you are paying attention)
  • Use Google+ circles

Now you are ready to get started on Google+ and start posting content. If you have any more questions please be sure to let us know, we’d love to help. You can leave a comment or contact us here.

Happy posting!


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