Showcase Pages, Employee Profiles & Other Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Company Page Stand Out!

Standing out on LinkedIn is all about making your company page searchable, approachable and reliable. This not only means having all the necessary components in place so that you appear in relevant searches, but it also means being prepared for further inquiry into your brand and services.

Let’s start with the basics:

Custom URL

Customizing your URL makes you easier to find and boosts your credibility as it looks more professional to those viewing your page. It also makes it easier to share your URL in none digital and printed formats.

A Concise Tagline

Can you sum up the nature of your business or product in under 120 characters? This is the perfect place to make a good first impression. A tagline is a brief sentence or phrase that sums up the nature of your business and cements your brand identity in the customer’s mind. Your company may have more than one motto or tagline, but the one on your LinkedIn page should be the most overarching.

Company Logo or Wordmark

This one is straight forward. You will want to upload a company icon that is crisp and legible. You can use any of your company’s logos for this one, the key however is to make sure that you use the same logo across social platforms as your main icon. This creates uniformity, credibility and makes your company instantly recognizable on LinkedIn.

A Thorough Description

This is more or less the same information that will be on your company’s “About Us” page on your website. Make sure to include key words and simple language that is optimized and easily understandable to search engines.

Following the description are a few key facts that you can include to further establish your company’s credibility on Linkedin:

  • Website Link/URL
  • Industry/Business Category
  • Company Size (Number of Employees)
  • Location/Headquarters
  • Date Your Company Was Founded
  • Specialties/Categories

** Bonus Tip: When possible, use numbers! If you have an impressive number of units sold or customers served, include this information in your description for major impact.**

What’s Next?

So you’ve been discovered on Linkedin? You’ve given a great first impression and now people will delve deeper to make sure you are legitimate and not just smoke and mirrors. This is the time when potential customers/clients will start interacting with you and your company through LinkedIn and more in-depth. How this next phase plays out will be a key determining factor in whether you convert those individuals that find you into customers.

Make Sure Your Website URL Is Not Broken!

No one has patience these days for a broken URL, so make sure potential customers don’t close their browser in frustration or click away from your profile by making certain that your company URL is working, not misleading and quick to load.

Have Your Team Fully Fill Out Their Public LinkedIn Profiles

Company contacts is one of the first things people click on when viewing a Company LinkedIn page. You will want to make sure that anyone listing your company as their place of work is presenting themselves properly. This can be more difficult for larger companies, but outlining in a brief document or email how others should represent your company on social media is a great form of social proof that can further establish your brand online – you and your employees will appear more capable, reliable and competent.

Utilize Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are a great way to share specific and targeted content with potential customers. Many brands have multiple target audiences, annual events and/or niches within their organization – showcase pages are a great way to highlight aspects of your brand or company culture and can give a great overview of your key products and services.

Respond Speedily To Inquiries

Not everyone is going to take the time to email or contact your company through a website. As you are connected to your company page, you will often get inquiries and requests in your LinkedIn message box. Make sure you have your notifications turned on so that you can address any potential clients promptly and with ease.

Don’t Forget To Check Out The Competition

It never hurts to keep tabs on what your competitors are doing online. After all, they are serving customers just like yours! Take a look at your competitor’s LinkedIn profiles, layouts and company information. Use this as a way to gain insight into your industry and what users may be responding to on LinkedIn.

The key with any social media or online profile is to anticipate the customers wants and needs. Many people now look to a strong social media presence as a sign of credibility. With these key factors in place, you are bound to convert those casual lurkers into recurring customers directly from your LinkedIn company page!



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