The Epic Quest for the Perfect Branding Guide: A Comedy of Errors

Hey there, fellow entrepreneurs, business enthusiasts, and brand-conscious souls!

Today, we embark on a journey filled with mishaps, misadventures, and plenty of laughter, all in the name of the indispensable branding guide. (Or lack thereof!)

So fasten your seatbelts and prepare to dive into a world of colors, fonts, and epic design fails!

Picture this: You start a business, bursting with excitement and creativity. You envision a thriving brand that captures hearts, minds, and wallets. But oh, the horror that awaits those who neglect the sacred path of the branding guide (trust me, it’s true)!

Let’s explore some reasons why having a branding guide is as vital as those two (maybe three) cups of coffee on Monday mornings.

I figured it was more fun to hopefully make you laugh/smile, while also teaching you the importance…but I can’t please everyone. Disclaimer: I am not “coming at you” with this – at all – just demonstrating how important branding is in a non-boring way.

  1. The Case of the Wandering Logo
    Our brave protagonist, let’s call him Bob, decides to go without a branding guide. As a result, his logo design morphs into an eccentric chameleon. One day it’s a radiant shade of purple, the next it’s neon green, leaving customers puzzled and questioning their eyesight. The only consistency in Bob’s branding is the confusion it generates with his audience. Plus it seems to be a bit different between the social networks, and his website – there was maybe even a different version people say floating around on stickers at some point. (The horror!)
  2. The Infamous Font Fiasco
    In a parallel universe, Brandi, another intrepid entrepreneur, embraces the importance of a branding guide. Unfortunately, she overlooks the section about fonts. And so, her marketing materials become a font circus. Bold, Italic, spaced out, and inconsistent. One flyer features Comic Sans, the next shows up in Papyrus, and the world collectively cringes. Brandi becomes the queen of unintentional comedy, winning fans in the realm of typography disasters.
  3. The Blurred Color Boundaries
    Meet Jeff, a business owner who lives on the wild side, neglecting the visual harmony that a branding guide provides. Jeff adores colors, but he doesn’t discriminate. His branding becomes an avant-garde kaleidoscope, confusing customers as they try to differentiate between his brand and a Crayola explosion. The world becomes a more colorful (and bewildering) place with Jeff’s unintentional artistic statement.
  4. The Dazzling Power of Consistency
    Now, imagine a world where our heroes, Bob, Brandi, and Jeff, all suddenly realize the true importance of a branding guide. They awaken to the magnificent strength of consistency. Like synchronized swimmers, their logos, fonts, and colors join hands, creating a visual symphony that resonates with their target audience. Bob’s logo becomes a beacon of trust, Samantha’s font choices inspire confidence, and Jeff’s colors evoke a sense of professional finesse. They become unstoppable, conquering markets and making the world a better-designed place, one branding guide at a time.

So, dear readers, the moral of our story is clear: embrace the branding guide, for it holds the secret to unlocking your business’s true potential. Avoid the wild adventures of logo wandering, font fiascos, and color chaos. Instead, become the master of your brand’s destiny, a connoisseur of consistency, and a bringer of visual delight.

Remember, life is too short for unintentional comedy.

Invest in a branding guide, and let your brand be the star of its own comedy show—on your terms!

Mandatory self-promotion time…

We now offer three types of branding for those who don’t have one or need a refresh. The mini branding guide will set you up with the basics that you need to be consistent (at least with fonts, colours, and photo treatments). And the Comprehensive Branding Guide – which is the full monty, a 17-20 page document that dives into all the details about your business, above and beyond just ‘colours and fonts’.

If you’re interested in re-branding, or setting a solid baseline for your business – reach out! We’re eager to help!


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