The Importance of Finding Your Voice

People are always being told to find their voice on social media, one that’s distinctly their own, but why is that so important?

In fact, to be successful on social media, it’s vital that you find a voice for your personal brand that’s both authentic and unique. It needs to be one that is consistent—giving people the opportunity to connect with you—if you want people to follow you and actually care about what you’re saying. Here’s what makes it so important to find that voice and why.

It Strengthens Your Brand’s Values

Strong values make a strong voice and vice versa. To build a brand that matters and a social media profile that people actually care about you need to make your values clear. Those values are strengthened by your voice. The more clear you are on what your voice is and what you’re trying to say, the more your values are going to shine.

“Your brand voice is what carries those values out to the world. Both your values and your voice work together to drive your social media presence forward. You can’t have either unless you have both.” – Like A Voss

This combination of voice and values is what shapes your entire following. It dictates who follows you and what you’re going to accomplish in making them care about. Your voice and values play one of the biggest roles—they help people decide whether to support you or not. It decides who’s going to engage with you and how much they’re going to care about what you’re saying. Your values, if made strong by a clear voice, dictate so much about your social media following.

It Allows for Personal Growth

When your voice and, essentially, who you are on social media are clear to you, that’s when you can grow as a person and a brand. If you haven’t found your voice yet and don’t entirely know who you are as a brand then it’ll be a longer journey towards growth. To grow you need to have a clear idea of what you’re growing from. Your voice is the seed. If you want to grow a sunflower you have to plant and nurture a sunflower seed. You can’t just throw any seed you find in some soil and wait. Same goes for your voice. If you want it to grow, you need to know what it’s growing from.

You also need to be comfortable in your voice to allow for growth. You need to find your voice before you can be heard. By not taking the time to clearly figure out who your brand is and what it is you’re trying to say, you’re only holding yourself back.

“The more we hold back our voices, the more we are actually holding back our value and unique ability to contribute to others.” – Business Woman Media

It Affects Your Following 

Your voice decides who follows you, who keeps following you, and who supports you. When your voice is clear, people know what they’re getting when they follow you, they know that they like what you have to say, and they know that you’re someone they’re interested in. If your voice isn’t clear, people may follow you but those followers don’t tend to stick. They may think they like your content, but if your voice isn’t strong those followers tend to slip away. If there is no clear voice, there is no clear person in these people’s mind to support.

On top of that, your voice is what makes you stand out and people want to follow someone that’s unique.

“In the Sprout Social Index, the consumers surveyed had reasons why some brands stood out more than others. Forty percent said memorable content, 33% said distinct personality and 32% said compelling storytelling. In all three of these aspects, brand voice plays a significant role. You can’t have a distinct personality without a distinct brand voice.” – Sprout Social

It’s clear that your voice matters, that’s why finding it is more important than anything else. A strong social media presence starts with a strong voice, so find yours. If you need some tips on finding your voice, you can read this blog. Your voice is vital!

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