The Last Couple Weeks….

Hello Readers,

I am back with my 3rd blog and can you believe it’s been 4 weeks already since I started my internship?

I just have 2 more weeks before I complete my placement/internship at Like A Voss Inc. and I have already learned so much in these past couple of weeks!

Just to give a bit of context of my background – I am from India and recently moved to Canada to complete my Digital Marketing Communications Course in Canada. As a part of my placement program at St. Lawrence College, I started my internship on January 9th, 2023 with a fun, remote social media agency called Like A Voss Inc. It has now been 4 weeks since I began my remote internship, and I must say that the experience has been both exciting and challenging.

Initially, I wasn’t excited about remote working, I wanted to be around my team members, work with them and get a chance to network with each one of them but as time passed by I have also grown to love the flexibility that remote working offers. I can concentrate on my work and indulge in my favourite smoothies and coffees while listening to my favourite music whenever I want to! This has been a great opportunity to focus on my work and grow professionally because I am able to focus and concentrate more. I am a person who loves to be in a calm environment to get the work done and playing Lofi music in the background while I work really helps me out!

Coming back to my internship – I have learned so much from the team at Like A Voss Inc. in these few weeks. They have been incredibly helpful and supportive, guiding me through the process and ensuring that I am comfortable with my work even when I make some silly mistakes at work. I am grateful to be part of such a fantastic team and am confident that this experience will shape me into a better individual.

During my four weeks at Like A Voss Inc, I have been busy with a wide range of tasks, including conducting client research and competitor analysis, creating engaging social media content and newsletters, and educating myself on the significance of Black History Month while working on graphics. I love creating content for my team, I am so happy that I am already working on social media creatives for our clients and our own social media platforms! I hope I continue to grow in the social media space in the coming weeks. 

Another really cool thing about working at Like A Voss Inc. is our dedicated slack channel for training purposes. If social media marketing has taught us anything it is that it is fast-paced and ever-changing and it gets so difficult to stay on top of all the latest trends. To ensure that we stay informed and up-to-date, we get opportunities for us to join different communities, attend workshops and webinars, and further educate ourselves.

The coolest part is that Mandi and Abby are even taking it a step further by attending the Social Media Marketing World in San Diego this March! I am so excited for them. They will get to learn so much about the current social media marketing trends for 2023 and get to network with some amazing people! 

During my third week of internship, I had the opportunity to participate in my first client call, but I would have to say that the highlight of it all was meeting Abby and Shawna, my amazing team members, in person for our agency photoshoot. It was a fantastic experience bonding with some of my team members and having so much fun shooting content, taking pictures for our website and social media, capturing product shots for one of our clients, and even making TikTok videos. (If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on TikTok for some hilarious content!)

I have yet to meet Mandi, the founder and my boss at Like A Voss Inc, in person. However, I am eager to meet her and I am sure that we will have so much to talk about. I would love to have the opportunity to sit down with her over coffee and learn more about her journey and experiences in the social media world. Growing up I saw my father who is a serial entrepreneur start his own brands which has always made me so fascinated by the entrepreneurial spirit, and the passion Mandi brings each day to work is something I look up to. Not only do I admire her as my boss and mentor, but as a woman, it is so inspiring to see her story and work for her. 

To end this week’s blog all I have to say is, the past few weeks have been a great learning experience. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with such a fantastic team and look forward to learning more about Canadian culture and growing both personally and professionally. I can’t wait to see how my next 2 weeks turn out to be. I hope I get to work on some more interesting projects! 

Though I hate goodbyes I guess I will have to stop this week’s blog right here. Thank you for reading my blog. I will be writing about my final internship experience in 2 weeks so stay tuned for the next blog! 

Until then – take care, and always remember (something I read years back which still stays with me) – The Art Of Being Truly Happy Is By Extracting Joy From The Little Things In Life! 

– Nikita Jadhav


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