Tips On Creating Shareable Content That Actually Gets Shared

Getting your content shared is crucial to success on social media.

“One of the best tools on social media is the ability for other people to share your content. This spreads your message to a completely new audience for free. If you take the time to create and post good content, people will share it because they genuinely want to.” – Like A Voss

The question now is, how do you create content that actually gets shared?

Here are a few tips to help you with just that!

Create Content That Aligns With Your Audience’s Values

Creating content that aligns with your audience’s values increases the chances of your audience sharing it. People like to share their values. By creating something that matches theirs, you’ve created something that they want to share so that their own audience knows they have those values. Sharing your own values creates a whole cycle of sharing.

“Your audience wants to know that the values of your company or product align with theirs. Connecting their values to your content is one way to show that you care.” – CoSchedule

For example, if you or your company value authenticity, then share content about the importance of authenticity on social media. Those who also value that will likely share it on their own accounts. A lot of your followers followed you in the first place because they share your values. Creating content around those values is a great way to create shareable content while also reinforcing why your audience is following you.

Create Content That Is Beneficial To Others

Create content that offers something of value to your audience. This means creating content that is informative and easy for your audience to learn something new. If your audience learns something of value from your content, they’ll want to share it so that their friends and followers can learn from it as well!

“Informative content is good, but if your readers and clients can’t put your words in practice then they will not benefit from what you publish. A primary goal of content is to solve users’ problems and show how to overcome them; this will not only build brand loyalty, but it will keep them coming back for more. As long as the content you create is genuinely helpful, it’s also certain to be passed around.” – OMI

If you create blog content such as this, turn the title and subtitles into a carousel post on Instagram to teach your audience in brief what the blog is about. For example, on the Like A Voss Instagram you’ll find posts such as “3 Ways to Evoke Emotion With Your Instagram Content.” The images that you can slide through on that post are those 3 aforementioned ways. People interested in this will see that content, learn from it, and want to share it and spread the knowledge.

Structure Your Content Effectively

The structure and aesthetic of your content are nearly as important to shareability as the content itself. For example, in an informative post like mentioned before, a carousel post is a good way to format it. If the information you’re trying to share is just thrown onto an image as a big block of text, people are going to be less likely to share it. A carousel post divides it into easily digestible chunks that are both visually pleasing and make the content more intriguing. Keep design principles in mind when creating shareable content.

“Think about infographics! They get lots of shares because they present a great volume of information in an easy-to-read format. You can use Canva, Piktochart,, and other online tools to create awesome infographics.” – Marketing Insider Group

Everyone wants their content to be shared by their audience, but you can’t just rely on your audience loving you for them to share your content. You need to create content that provides enough value for them to want to share it, and it doesn’t hurt if it looks pretty, too!

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