6 Key Steps to Transform Your Blogs into Infographics

Let’s face it, blogging can be overwhelming! We’ve all been there, scrambling for new ideas, trying to convey the right message; all while implementing a unique voice that will hopefully gain traction against a sea of content creators.

But above all, creating content takes a lot of your valuable time.

Have you ever scrolled through your blog content, quietly thinking about all the useful information being wasted in your digital archives?

Well, I say enough! For too long we have put in far too many hours of research and typing for our ideas to go unnoticed. I say we repurpose our pages of carefully crafted content, and finally redeem their full value! And I know just where to start, with infographics.

Info on Infographics

If you’ve been on the internet before, you’ve definitely seen an infographic. They are a fun and highly visual way of communicating information. The use of graphics, images, and minimal text allows infographics to convey complex ideas in a digestible manner.

When sharing information across your social channels, aesthetics and visuality are highly important aspects to consider. These elements are what make infographics a highly popular resource and tool online.

So how can you repurpose your written blogs into beautifully designed infographics? Here are 6 helpful steps that will help you achieve just that:

1) Turn Your Blog into a Bulleted List

Turning your blog into a list will help you cut through the clutter and visualize the main points. From your main list, it is important to pair this down even further! The fewer points you have in the end, the easier it will be to create your infographic. Remember, simplicity and clarity are key! Stick to the main idea and don’t get caught up in the details.

2) Get Your Sketch Books Out

Now it’s time for the fun part! Sketching out your design is a major step and will require a lot of forethought. Before you begin, think about how you want to convey the information in your bulleted list. Are you working with a lot of statistics? Then maybe a graph would be helpful. Are there ideas or words you can communicate using a picture instead of text? These are all important questions to ask and will help get your creative juices flowing!

3) Decide on the Details

Once you have decided on the general layout of your design, it is time to move on to the details! What colors or fonts are you going to use? Do you want to use your branding or try something new? Since infographics are highly visual, this step is very important.

Another thing to consider would be where you are sharing your infographic? Keep in mind that different social media posts will require different dimensions. If you are just posting on Instagram, then 600 x 600 pixels will work well. However, if you are posting across all channels, you should plan on adjusting the design slightly to work with each individual platform.

4) Time to Create!

After all that work, it is time to bring your creation to life! Lucky for you, there are tons of great sites that will help you easily and effectively create your new infographic. Here are just a few to consider:

With all these great tools, you’ll have your infographic ready to go in no time! If you find these suggestions too constraining, you can always start from scratch and begin creating on your preferred platform.

5) Finishing Touches

With all the work that went into designing and creating this infographic, it is important that people know it’s yours. Include your logo and website or contact details so people can reach out! A quick call-to-action will help prompt viewers to learn more about the topic or your business as well.

6) Post Away

You did it! You have successfully repurposed your blog content into a beautifully designed infographic. Now, you are finally ready to post and show it off to the world!

Investing just a little bit of time into repurposing your content will help you extract the maximum value from all your ideas. Infographics are merely one way to achieve this goal, but one that will have a huge impact.

Need help repurposing or coming up with new content ideas? We’d love to help! Contact us today to set up a free discovery session with our team.


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