Using Old Blogs to Create New Ones

Writing blogs can be hard, especially writing them consistently. One of the most difficult parts of that is coming up with new, unique ideas week after week. You might feel as if there is nothing else to write about and that you’ve written everything you can possibly write about.

That’s definitely not true.

Blog topics are limitless if you know how to come up with them. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply use your old blogs to come up with completely new ones.

But how do you do that?

Well, we got you covered and will explain exactly how to go about that in this blog!

Choosing Your Old Blogs

Start by looking through the blogs you’ve already written. Pick out the ones that you like the most and that you think you’d enjoy spending time with again. Make sure you choose ones that are a little more broad, versus a blog on a very specific subject. You want blogs that mention topics that you can expand. Very narrow blogs aren’t going to have much for you to work with.

For example, the blog How to Find Your Brand’s Voice is broad enough that you can find subjects to expand upon in an entirely new blog, such as writing about smaller categories of that, or the importance of identifying your values for your brand’s voice.

But, a blog such as 4 Colour Palette Samples to Create a Strong Brand Presence is very interesting, but there isn’t anything broad to expand off of, unless you think your readers would be interested in reading entire blogs on each individual colour palette you wrote about… if you can even find enough to say about them to fill an entire blog.

“You may have written a post in the past that covered a somewhat general topic. See if you can focus in on one specific aspect of the article to find new ideas.” – Vandelay Design 

Look To The Subtitles First

Your best friend when looking for new topics in old blogs is the subtitles. Often, the subtitles in the blogs you wrote will have ideas you can expand on to create a new topic, or even be the title of a potential new blog already!

Looking back at the blog How to Find Your Brand’s Voice, it has four potential subtitles to work with. They are:

  • Understand Your Audience
  • Identify Your Values
  • Define Your Tone of Voice
  • Implement Your Voice Into Your Content

These four subtitles can all be created into new blog titles, such as:

  • 4 Ways To Learn About Your Audience
  • Tips on Identifying Your Values on Social Media
  • How to Define Your Tone of Voice Virtually
  • The Importance of Implementing Your Own Voice Into Your Content

This blog’s subtitles have a lot to work with, but that doesn’t mean that every one of them will. If you can’t find an interesting topic from a blog subtitle, then move on. Don’t force it or else your content will start to get really stale.

Looking Beyond

The subtitles are the easiest way to find new blog topics, but sometimes it can be useful to look beyond that. You can often find very interesting topics in the regular text of the blog.

Look at the blog How to Make Sure Your Social Media Posts Get Seen. Under the subtitle “Get Seen By Covering Trends” it says:

“Use popular hashtags and keep an eye on the news in order to have the knowledge and know when to join the conversation.”

From this, you might want to look further into the topic of popular hashtags in a blog such as “Furthering Engagement Through Popular Hashtags.” 

A single blog can be the starting point of countless others if you know where to look and expand from. Fun fact, the topic for the blog Creating Traditions for a Remote Workplace actually came from a previous blog titled How To Create A Work Culture With A Remote Team. That blog had the subtitle “Create Rituals and Traditions” in it, which was used to spark the idea for the new blog. 

Use your old blogs strategically and you’ll never run out of ideas!

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