Voss Babe Female Entrepreneur Series – Tyrah Hofer, Owner of Bluhen Photography

For many entrepreneurs and small businesses, social media can be an absolute game-changer! All it takes is one viral post and a business can suddenly take off.

At Like A Voss Social Media, we’re highlighting local businesses and entrepreneurs who are killing the online game. This week’s spotlight is on Tyrah Hofer, Owner of Bluhen Photography! For those of you who don’t know, Tyrah did Mandi’s branding photoshoot back in June and KILLED IT.

Bluehn Photography is a brand, lifestyle, food & portrait photographer based out of Vancouver Island. Bluhen Photography’s goal is to make you feel safe, comfortable & confident in front of the lens to ensure the best possible experience and images. I care about capturing lasting and artfully photographed moments created from genuine connection & feeling. I love sharing stories that capture your individual connection in a way that feels honest, inspiring and intimate. Your story deserves to be celebrated and documented.

Our CEO Mandi interviewed Tyrah about her secret to success in business and in life. We also got some awesome insights into what she thinks makes social media such an effective tool in business.

A Little Bit About Being a Female Entrepreneur

1: How long have you been in business?

I started my photography business last summer, so we are coming up on almost a year!

2: What made you decide to break away from the 9-5 and start your own photography business?

I have always had the desire to do something creative, even as a child. I have been nursing for the last 7 years but it always felt that there was something more in store. Photography allows room for my creative passion to grow and evolve, I couldn’t be happier that I took the plunge into a career change that allows me to be my creative self!

3: What do you love most about being a female entrepreneur?

Personally, I love the freedom it gives me in my day to day life.

4: What is the hardest thing you have had to overcome as a female entrepreneur?

There are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes of a business owner that many people may be unaware of, that aren’t as glamorous as photography itself. I feel that some of these “behind the scene” tasks are what I struggle with the most.

5: What is one thing about being a photographer that people would be surprised to learn?

The amount of time it takes to edit photos. Oftentimes I will leave a shoot with over 1000 raw images. This takes time to go through, edit & re-edit!

And Now Onto The Social Media Questions!

6: Do you have a favorite social media platform? Why?

For my business, my favourite social media platform has been Instagram. It is definitely where I have seen the most growth and engagement.

7: What made you decide to start using social media as a way to promote your company?

It’s free! Starting out I needed something cost effective to help grow my business and reach my target market!

8: How has social media impacted your business? Would you say that it’s an effective marketing tool?

Other than word of mouth in a small town, social media is where I get my business from! It has definitely been an effective marketing tool for me and my photography business.

9: What advice would you give to other businesses and entrepreneurs who want to use social media as a way to connect with customers?

Allow the customers to get to know you! It can go a long way if your customers have a connection with you and trust you and your business!

A Little More About Tyrah
For anyone who knows me, they know that I am pretty food obsessed. I was the kid who would eat a whole rack of ribs to myself and out eat the boys. Don’t get me wrong, I am still very food obsessed but the focus has shifted slightly. Now, I love learning about health and wellness as a whole, not just food. I am continually expanding my knowledge and enjoy seeking new ways to grow physically, mentally & emotionally. Besides photography, I love listening to podcasts, working out, being in nature, spending time with people dear to my heart, a little friendly competition, drawing and of course, whipping up some delicious + nourishing eats.

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