What It’s Like To Be A Social Media Manager

The other day I was clicking around Twitter and saw a tweet that led to this fantastic infographic from Socialcast, and it was so incredibly accurate I just had to write about it.

For those of you who employ a social media manager, I think it is important for you to understand our lives. The fact is that social media never sleeps – and honestly, we don’t get too much either. With all the technology available to us it is impossible to escape, and as long as we are connected, we are working or thinking about working.

Here is how the infographic breaks up the day – with some comments from me about how mine is the same, or different.

What it’s like to be a social media manager…..

5:30am – 12:00pm

  • Wake up at 5:30 am, immediately grab my cell phone and check e-mailed missed during the (maybe) five hours of sleep from the night before. (Agreed!)
  • Scan news feeds for interesting articles and videos to share. (Agreed!)
  • Tweet and RT! (Agreed) and also respond to all questions and engagement.
  • Publish – blog entries, status updates, etc. (Agreed!)
  • Follow-up. (Not in my case, as I am the sales team as well as the manager).
  • This step I completed at the same time as Tweet and RT.

LUNCH – I eat alone at home, but if I go out, I always remember to check in.

  • Record & upload (Sometimes!)
  • (Agreed.)
  • (Agreed.) Usually schedule meetings in the morning but when I am needed, I am there.
  • Revisit (Agreed.)
  • (I present to myself – it includes dancing!)

7:00 pm – Next Day

  • Review (Agreed.)
  • Sign Up. Well – in my case it is mostly webinars, but I still agree.
  • Schedule Tweet (Disagree). This is something that I do throughout the day, as I have multiple tweets to schedule every single day.
  • (Agreed.) Always take the time to check all feeds again before even thinking about sleep, and e-mail too. I sometimes even answer a few before I put my phone on DND and set it on my nightstand.

That’s about it! Overall I would have to say that this infographic speaks the truth. Personally, there are some differences because I run a business and am responsible for more than just the social media side. But – if you wanted to know what it’s like to have this job then this is a good reference, and in my opinion it’s the most fun job in the world. I would not trade it for anything else!

I guess I should end by saying that if you’re in need of a social media rockstar to handle this important part of your business give me a call, or send me an e-mail. I will manage your social media #LikeAVoss!!



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