What’s In Your Social Media Prop Box?

It’s a not-so-secret secret that every good social media manager that you know has a box or closet filled with miscellaneous fabric, random items, craft supplies and more. Why? Because posts, flatlays and product shots are way easier if you plan ahead!

If you are new to social media, or wondering what to have in your prop box, here are a few things to start with:  

Paper & Bristol Board

Bristol board or colourful, patterned paper is the easiest way to tie your flatlays together and make them pop.

Be sure to have a variety of colours and sizes so you can swap out and test what is working best for you on any given day.

Pro tip: Keep more white bristol board on hand than any other colour since white tends to be used the most and will inevitably tear or become stained.

Fake Plants & Flowers

No one ever complained about a perfectly placed succulent or flower in a flatlay image.

Fake flowers and plants are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing these days, so keep a few in your prop-box to add a bit of life to your images and they will never look too staged!

Rings & Bracelets

Rings, bracelets and hand jewelry are great when taking shots of items that need to be held or presented close-up.

Rings and bracelets of various colours and sizes can either be worn by your hand model, or placed in your flatlays to give them more of a casual, impromptu vibe.


Put a sharp pair of scissors in your prop-box for all your cutting and ribbon curling needs!

You’re going to need to cut something eventually (fabric, ribbon, paper etc.), so having a pair of craft scissors always on hand will make your life a lot easier.


Scotch, Duct, gaffer, it will do you well to become acquainted with the various kinds of tape and their uses. These come in handy when putting up a backdrop or decorating a flatlay since many tapes now come in decorative styles as well.

Here’s a list from Popoptiq of the 16 different types of tape you never knew you needed!

Floor Tiles, Boards & Other Construction Materials

It may seem random, but having an extra marble or wooden tile in your prop box always comes in handy. These go hand in hand with other backdrops and bristol boards, but offer a sturdier, more 3-dimensional surface to work on.  

So the next time you come across paint swatches, tile samples, planks of wood or other construction materials, don’t be so quick to discard them!


It’s rarely an accident that your favourite social media account looks so perfectly put together.

Whether you’re a food stylist, visual artists or owner of a retail shop, every social media savvy individual should have these items close by.  

Building a good prop box is a very personal, industry specific task. Over time, you will gather items that work best for you and your own personal brand, and we hope these tips are a good jumping off point!

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