Where Did IGTV Go?

Back in 2018, Instagram released an update that included a new feature – IGTV (Instagram TV). It’s been three years since and IGTV has disappeared, but its features aren’t gone. Instead, it’s been replaced by Instagram Video.

Instagram Video a feature on Instagram that is in some ways similar to YouTube with its own unique, Instagram-exclusive features. It combines the features of IGTV with that of regular feed videos, making things simpler for everyone!

“It’s an incredible channel to showcase products, styling tips, and step-by-step tutorials — the kind of content that really resonates with audiences and can help build long-term relationships.” – Later 

Regardless of if you’re aware of Instagram Video or not, this blog will help you understand it more fully so that you can use it to build your social media presence and your company.

So, what can you do with Instagram Video? Is it any different than IGTV?

You Can Create Longer Videos

Before Instagram Video and even before IGTV, Instagram used to only allow you to post videos that were one minute long or less. What a relief that that limitation is gone! Now, with Instagram Video, all creators can upload videos up to sixty minutes long! Previously, on IGTV, only some creators could upload hour-long videos. Most were limited to fifteen minutes. Now that limitation is gone.

This way, you can share so much more with your audience. It takes longer videos for your audience to truly get to know you. With Instagram Video, they can!

You Can Easily Share Your Videos

It’s easy to create videos elsewhere and share them on your feed. Who doesn’t want to share a video they’re proud of anywhere they can!

You can upload any video made through any app directly through the main Instagram app.

If you’re looking for some tips on editing videos, check out this blog!

You Can Access Instagram Video Content Like Any Instagram Content

IGTV combining with feed videos into Instagram Video makes it easy for anyone to access your content. Instagram Videos work just like the rest of the content you’re used to posting. They even come up on your Instagram Explore page.

All in all, if you’re used to Instagram, it shouldn’t take you long to get used to Instagram Video. They’re both very interconnected.

You Can Get Discovered in New Ways

Because of the way that Instagram Video curates content for viewers (like YouTube suggestions at the end of videos for what to watch next) there are new opportunities for you to be discovered through someone else’s video. What creator, brand, or business doesn’t love a new way to be discovered!

Instagram Video allows people to access multiple kinds of entertainment through one app. In no way has Instagram Video replaced YouTube, but no one expected it to. Instead, it’s just a way to mix it up on Instagram. Throughout the years, Instagram Video has allowed people to get a glimpse into creator’s lives that they previously only knew through photos. It’s allowed Instagram to stay relevant and has kept things fresh. Many people even enjoy TikToks not through the TikTok app, but through Instagram Video and Instagram Reels. Through this, Instagram has adapted to trends around it and has been able to keep being as relevant as it is.

Do you think Instagram has any big new features in store for the future? What would you like to see released? Let us know in the comments below!

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This blog post was originally published in June 2018 and has been edited to improve accuracy and readability.


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