Why A Social Media Internship with LAV Is the Best Thing I’ve Done in My Post-Grad Life

Hello Readers, 

I am back with my next blog. I am halfway through my internship now, and have already made a few mistakes.

The LAV team has been really helpful, and are also very understanding. The days I made some errors, made me completely scared and overthink if I did some major blunder. But Mandi acknowledged that as an intern we tend to make mistakes and this is what will help us grow and learn in the coming weeks. This feeling calmed me down and helped me to do my tasks with more focus and dedication. 

People frequently believe that all interns do is “backend” activity and that despite their best efforts, they will never feel as though they have had an impact. For LAV interns, this is undoubtedly untrue. Your work will never be the same because it will involve creating content for clients, coming up with ideas for ads, and creating graphics for different clients. We are all assigned tasks which encourage us to become more invested in the goals of the business. 

I’ve only been an intern for three weeks, but I have already attended two client meetings, started scheduling content on different platforms and made graphics. Being less text sensitive than most people, I found it difficult to create content that would catch people’s attention. I’ve learned to put myself in other people’s shoes and be able to produce engaging material through weeks of training, experimenting, and receiving advice from my supervisor.

I admit that, while working in such a dynamic and quick-paced environment, I occasionally feel overwhelmed by the variety of tasks at hand. But this is also part of what makes the experience thrilling; in addition to performing tasks, you’ll also be learning, reflecting, reviewing, and assessing your progress along the way. 

Growing alongside the business is a key lesson I’ve internalized and acquired over my time at Like A Voss Inc. An internship is all about soaking up every moment, and it is my joy to be able to learn from the incredible LAV team.

The image of so many dedicated, focused individuals working together in one space surprised me the most. I can speak for myself when I say that during my internship, my confidence definitely increased. The internship experience I am having is equally difficult, engaging, and beneficial. 

In conclusion, this internship experience helps me change my worries about my capabilities into beliefs about what I can and will do!




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