Why You Need to Know Your Values to be Successful on Social Media

Every company should very clearly know their values regardless of their social media presence. If they want to have a successful social media profile those values absolutely have to be clear. Here is why!

Strong Values Equals a Strong Voice

Every strong brand needs a strong voice. If you want to achieve this strong brand voice that’s vital for your social media presence’s success, you need to know your values. 

Not only do you need to know them, though, but everyone who is working with and for you needs to be just as clear on them so that everyone knows the voice they’re trying to convey and the messages they’re trying to spread through your company. 

“It’s important to understand your brand’s values to ensure your brand voice fits your company culture. Besides helping communicate your message effectively, it will shape your brand’s community and ensure that you truly connect with your customers.” – Like A Voss

Your brand voice is what carries those values out to the world. Both your values and your voice work together to drive your social media presence forward. You can’t have either unless you have both. 

Your Values Make You Stand Out

It’s clear on social media when a company is posting without already having clear values. This is seen through the disengaged way they communicate, the scattered themes of their posts, the looseness in their tone, and so much more. Those types of social media profiles are easily ignored and likely unsuccessful.

Being successful on social media requires your presence to be strong and your message to be clear. Knowing exactly who your company is, what you want, and how you do this makes your company stand out. Knowing any of that is nearly impossible to do without identifying your first values. 

Once you have, your social media presence will start to stand out and grow stronger. When your presence is strong and people are taking notice of it, that’s when you start to benefit.

“A strong social media presence for companies today is more important than ever. It keeps them in the loop of what customers are saying about their product. It also gives them a competitive edge that can be used to connect with customers and establish trusting relationships that help to drive growth.” – NISM 

But How Do You Know Your Values?

Deep down, you probably already know your company values, you just might not be able to quite put them into words or clearly identify them yet. Forbes lists some ways that you can get to know your values and they are:

  • Pay attention.
  • Learn what you can.
  • Consider happy times, proud times, sad times, and fulfilling times.
  • List the top values you get from thinking about these things and reflect on them and their importance. 

It’s really important to pay attention and take notice of the key decisions you make for your business in day to day life. These likely surround your values even if you don’t know them yet. Once you start paying attention to those decisions, start to ask yourself why, exactly, you made them. Reflecting on your choices will help you learn more about what drives them. This will help you name the values behind each of your choices. 

Considering different times in your business, be in happy times, sad times, or anything in between helps you to find key moments for your company. These experiences will help you identify what’s important to your business as well as show you when you were in line with your values, such as your happy times, and when you weren’t. 

Values are important for every aspect of your business, but especially on social media. Your social media essentially runs on your values and cannot be strong without them.

Make sure you’re constantly thinking about your values. Sometimes they change and you need to be aware of this when they do. Make sure to look at your values every once in a while and update or refresh them when need be. It’ll help resolidify them in your brain and inspire you to push for them in your business. 

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