Why You Should Share Your YouTube Videos On Instagram

Cross-promotion is one of the best ways to increase your following and loyalty across social media platforms.

Here’s why you should be sharing your Youtube videos on Instagram.

To Increase Following On Multiple Platforms

Social media cross-promotion will help you reach an audience beyond your Youtube subscribers. If you already have a strong following on Instagram, you can leverage the attention by inviting your fans to engage on Youtube.

“…try sharing a “behind-the-scenes” clip on Instagram to get those followers excited to watch your YouTube videos as well.” – Canva

Getting your fans to follow you on more than one social media platform is a powerful way for you to ‘be everywhere’. Since you’re already on Youtube and Instagram, it’s also a way to increase brand recognition and awareness without spreading yourself too thin.

To Create A Teaser 

Cut a sizzle reel of your best Youtube content together and create a 3-5 min video to share on your Instagram story and feed.

“If you have an existing audience on other social channels, let them know when you post a new video to YouTube. For example, try creating a teaser of your video to show on Instagram, directing users to your YouTube channel (through a link in your bio) for the full video.” – Hootsuite

The aim of an Instagram teaser video is to promote long-form content that you’ve already created on Youtube. You want to engage your Instagram audience in a way that leaves them wanting more.

To Run Ads

Since they are already short and concise, Instagram teasers also make excellent content for advertisements.

Instagram feed and story ads are a great way to build awareness for your Youtube channel. Once you share your Youtube videos on Instagram, you can boost them for even wider reach.

Instagram won’t let you add links directly to your posts. However, when you’re creating your ad, simply place the URL of your Youtube video in the website field. This is a clever way to let your audience click straight through to the video on Youtube from Instagram.

To Upcycle Evergreen Content

Not all of your old content is irrelevant. Evergreen content is content that’s not tied to a specific date or time. This means you can share it multiple times without it seeming stale to your audience.

Product tutorials, behind-the-scenes and ‘about us’ content are all examples of Youtube videos that is always relevant.

“…if it’s been a year since you posted a certain piece of content and you now have 10,000 new followers, by all means, recycle! When it is relevant, you can still bring value to your audience with previously posted content!” – Like A Voss Blog

Check out this list from Sprout Video of the 14 types of evergreen video content you can share time and time again!

If you’ve already spent time and energy creating slick, engaging video content on Youtube, go the extra mile and share it on Instagram. Cross-promoting content is the best way to further engage your online community and make sure that you’re reaching the largest possible audience.

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