Why YouTube Hashtags Are Important

Hashtags are an essential part of social media. They improve searchability and connect users through shared interests and trending topics. Even though hashtags have been around platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for a while, they were only introduced to YouTube recently.

YouTube hashtags are as important as the title and description of a video. They can be used above or in the title and in the description box. However, the platform allows a maximum of 15 hashtags per video—anything more than that is considered over tagging and it will be ignored by YouTube.

In today’s blog post, we list some reasons why YouTube hashtags are important and why you should be adding them to your video content strategy.

It’s The Second Largest Search Engine In The World

YouTube is the only social media besides Pinterest that’s also a search engine. 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. To stand out and be found in the second most popular search engine in the world, you need to optimize your videos and add hashtags to improve visibility.

In the sea of content flooding the platform, hashtags can make your videos more discoverable and they add better search experiences for users. Including tags is also the first step to ranking your video on YouTube search results—after user engagement, such as the number of views and likes.

“YouTube’s user-friendliness, combined with the soaring popularity of video content, has made it the second largest search engine behind Google. With 3 billion searches per month, YouTube’s search volume is larger than that of Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask.com combined.” – Forbes

Get More Views

Hashtags can amplify your video’s reach and increase exposure. When adding the right keywords, you positively affect your SEO and YouTube ranking. By increasing the chances of more people easily finding your content, you’ll get more views which can lead to more subscribers.

“You can use related hashtags (#) in video descriptions to help viewers find your video when they search for a specific hashtag… Add hashtags in key parts of your description to help viewers find your video.” – YouTube Creator Academy

Classify and Categorize Content

By adding hashtags to your videos, you will help them appear in related keyword searches and also help YouTube better understand the content you’re sharing. When your videos are classified and categorized, it makes it easier for viewers to track similar posts and find videos on specific topics they want to learn more about. It’s important you choose hashtags that are relevant to the content on your video and that you mix general and specific keywords.

“YouTube tags are important because they help YouTube grasp your video’s content and context. This way, YouTube can understand your video’s topic and category, and associate it with similar content, which can amplify your video’s reach.” – Hubspot

Trending Content

Trending and popular YouTube hashtags can lead more people to your videos. This is also the perfect way to notify users of upcoming events or people in the news. But remember to pick trending hashtags only if they’re relevant and relate directly to your content. Using misleading hashtags can come off as spammy and it may lead to the removal of your videos in accordance with YouTube’s policies.

“Instead of aiming to own or establish a hashtag, find ones that are either trending or showing the potential of a breakout trend. Riding the wave of a trending topic or hashtag is a great way to be discovered by viewers.” – Keyword Tool Blog

Implementing hashtags on your video strategy is not difficult, and they only bring positive results to your performance on the platform. If they are present on all other social channels and if there’s no downside to using YouTube hashtags, why not add them to your videos?

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