Working with an Organic Social Media Agency in Charlottetown, PEI

Crafting an Engaging Social Media Presence in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Living on an island doesn’t isolate you from producing captivating video and photo content to inspire and uplift your audience. If anything, it adds to the variety of landscapes and scenery that you can capture to add value to your niche. 

Wander through Victoria Park and take some unique shots of the water from behind the rocks on the boardwalk. Do some seven second video spans of the area. Tie them together with trending audio that matches the beat of the transition and use a hook to engage your audience right out of the gate. If you can encourage them to read the caption, then you’ll have another opportunity to connect with them and hopefully they will start to follow and engage with your content on the regular.

You’ll want to incorporate some strategy and follow analytics if you’re looking to create consistent growth on every platform. Use appropriate hashtags, stay up to date on trends and algorithms and post consistently to build a loyal following that values what you share.

Outsourcing to an Organic Social Media Management Agency in Charlottetown, Canada

We know that not everyone is invested in the social media world the way that we are. And that’s ok! The beauty of outsourcing the tasks that you don’t enjoy or have time for is that you hand them over to the experts who are passionate about them. In this case, it’s us! 

Our team of writers and graphic designers work in conjunction with you and your team to build a social media presence that speaks true to your brand and is in touch with your niche. Regardless of if you are just wanting a little bit of support with an account audit, or you’d prefer full social media management on all platforms, we love taking the guesswork out of the equation so that you can focus on what you do love about running your business. 

It’s easy to get started, just Book a Vibe Check and we will connect to ensure that our team is a good fit for your team and vice versa!

Growing Your Social Media Presence Organically in Charlottetown

Many businesses hope that if they build their social media presence they will gain conversions, and this is absolutely true, if you’re able to do it properly and attract the right people to your brand.

If you’re wanting to increase your content collection, another great (and free!) place to visit is Peake’s Wharf. This is an exceptional location to capture photos, or to take several short videos that you can use throughout the month for content. From unique buildings, to funky boats, neat shops and live music, you won’t struggle to find interesting things to film. Either use the original audio of the scene and add an insightful, on brand voiceover to add depth to the footage.

The Charlottetown Farmer’s Market is another location that’s always ripe with new content ideas just waiting to be created. Don’t forget to use hashtags that people wanting that type of content would search for, throw some keywords in your caption and you’ll find your presence grows consistently!



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