A Guide to Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

If you’ve had social media for a while, it’s likely that you, your style, and your values have changed overtime. You’ve posted so much throughout time, you’ve explored new styles and followed trends, you’ve shared so many things. It’s understandable that your social media profile can get a bit messy, but don’t worry! Everyone has at one point or another, even the people that seem the most put together. That’s only because they take the time to clean it up!

This blog is here so that you, too, can learn some ways to clean up your social media presence. It’s not as daunting as it seems. 

Assess Your Images

It’s important to make sure that the images people see first are high quality and match your brand. This means, most importantly, ensuring that your profile picture and cover photo are high quality. This means removing that blurry beach selfie from 2013 or that old logo you sketched for your company when it all began and replacing them with high resolution, professional looking photos or logos.

Your posts should also be high quality photos. That doesn’t mean that you have to delete your entire history on your social media profile, it just means that the images that are seen right away, such as profile pictures, recent posts, pinned tweets, Facebook cover photos, etc should be high quality.

“We’re not asking you to erase your business’ history, some of those moments are humbling and fun to look through but in order to stay ahead of the curve it is best to either Archive questionable quality content on Instagram or hide them off your Facebook Page newsfeed so it doesn’t become a focal point.” – Future Access

Refurbish Old Content

Don’t settle for what you already have because it’s “good enough.” If you have a logo and it is ten years old and does not match your current style or looks outdated, then update it! Take the time to redesign it or get someone else to. A bad logo can make your entire profile look messy and inconsistent.

Do you have some old photos from when you first began that you really like? Turn them into a throwback post!

Do you have a blog? Your posts from 2012 are probably a lot different than what you write now and some of the information in them is probably outdated. That doesn’t mean you have to delete it though! Instead, refurbish it! Edit it to fit your current style and repost it. That both cleans up your blog AND gives you new content without the work of having to write a whole new blog.

“Use a broken link checker to make sure you’re not sending your customers to dead ends. This will also give your SEO a much-needed boost.” – Like A Voss

Update Your Bios

A lot of the time when you’re updating your social media profiles, it’s easy to forget about the bio. It’s so easy to focus on your photos and content that you never realize you haven’t updated your bio in two years. Never overlook your bios when cleaning up your social media profiles. Your bio is your audience’s first glimpse into who you are and what you’re about. It needs to be consistent with your present values.

“Your social bio should clearly explain what your business is, what you offer, and any unique attributes that make you different.” – Quickbooks

If you want some more strategies for cleaning up your social media profiles, check out this blog next. Using all of these strategies, you’re sure to have a clean and satisfying social media profile that is still true to you and your business.

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