The Three Most Effective Ways to Get to Know Your Followers on Instagram

Having an effective Instagram account – whether you are a business or an influencer, is about building meaningful connections with your followers. The best way to do this is by getting to know them and creating the right kind of content that is helpful and speaks to them. If you genuinely care about your followers, they will care about you.

So, how do you get to know your followers on Instagram? There are tons of ways to connect with them, but here are the three most effective ways to get to know your followers that you can start implementing immediately!

Responding to Comments the RIGHT Way

To connect with your followers and get to know them, it’s vital to engage with them, especially in the comments. If they take the time to engage with your content, it’s only right for you to take the time to engage back with them. If you want to build a proper connection, though, you have to respond the right way. 

But what does it mean to respond the right way?

Well, responding the right way is simply responding with something personalized. It doesn’t have to be long, but don’t just copy-and-paste a response. Trust me, your followers will know immediately if you use copy-and-paste responses. Responding the right way is simple – be real, be personal, and be grateful. Having a friendly and ongoing conversation with your followers in the comments will help you learn about who you’re creating content for. And by doing this you’ll be able to refine your content strategy to ensure you are creating the type of content that is meaningful to your followers.

“Don’t worry about the response being super deep or lengthy. Incorporating emojis is a great way to respond without having to stress! / But if they make an effort to respond to your picture, make sure to acknowledge them.” – Lady Boss Blogger

Create Interactive Content

A super effective and super fun way to get to know more about your followers is through interactive content. The simplest way to do this is through your Instagram Stories. With Instagram Story options like polls and question stickers, there are all sorts of interactive tools at your fingertips. 

Other sorts of interactive content you can create are things such as contests and personalized hashtags. You can also use UGC (User Generated Content) that’s generated by your super fans to show appreciation and make them feel seen.

“Engaging with your audience is vital to have a long and successful life for your business on social media. Instagram isn’t just about showing off your life like some catalogue of photos, it’s about starting conversations and building connections. This is one of the most common Instagram mistakes that I run into, and also one of the things that clients love most about working with an agency – no comment unanswered.” – Like A Voss Inc.

Post Often

At first glance, posting often may not seem all that connected to getting to know your followers, but in reality, it’s vital. Your followers are only going to engage with you in a meaningful way if they feel connected to you and remember you often. To build that connection and trust, they need to consume meaningful (and helpful) content regularly. It’s almost impossible to build connections between creator and followers when the creator posts rarely and inconsistently, no matter how good the small bit of content they create is.

“What do most people rely on? Consistency! That’s right, people love having something on the regular, so it’s not about spamming your posts, it’s about maintaining a consistent schedule to boost meaningful content. Try posting once every day to maintain that connection with your audience.” – Linkedin

Connect with your followers. Talk to your followers. Get to know them and let them get to know you. That’s what you need to be successful on Instagram. 

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