Tips On How to Make Your Content Relatable

Relatable content is by far one of the most useful and popular kinds of content that you can make for social media. Relatable content creates connections between you and your audience. It can make them laugh, it can make them cry, what can’t it do?

“When someone sees something that they relate to, especially when it’s very specific, they are far more likely to share it. When they share that, they’re showing it to all their followers who are likely all people within your target audience. A very niche thing can have a very large reach.” – Like A Voss

The question is, how do you make effective relatable content?

Specifics Are Everything

It might seem like a good idea to create content that has a very broad appeal in the hopes that you’ll reach more people, but it’s actually more specific content that performs better on social media. People notice if things are broad or generic. The more broad the content, the weaker its connection to your audience is.

Think of it this way, if you make something that’s very specific, yes some people won’t relate to it, but the people that do will feel a lot more seen and will be a lot more likely to follow and engage with you.

“But a business can’t hope to be at the top of their target audience’s brand recall unless they have created something distinct in this space. Typically, the winning brands are personable and relatable. They ooze personality. And they don’t shy away from speaking their mind.” – Convince and Convert

Be Authentic

You don’t have to actively intend for something to be relatable for it to actually be relatable. Sharing authentic stories and sharing who you are is a lot more relatable than you’d think.

“The best way to create relatable content is to open up to your readers. Let your truth shine. Your readers didn’t come to your post looking for cliché advice, they came for your insight.” – Business 2 Community

Being relatable doesn’t mean that your followers have to have had the exact same experiences as you. Just being real is relatable enough. It’s a lot more relatable than a person or business that seems robotic and fake online.

Use Topics You Know Your Audience Cares About

Be observant and take the time to learn what your audience cares about. Study trends in their engagement on your posts or look at your analytics and try to be strategic about that. If your audience tends to care about a specific topic, then post about it! If your audience is mostly women, then take that into account when creating content!

Use the resources you have to learn as much as you can about your audience.

“Aside from those moments when you’re sharing a little about yourself, you should always deliver content your audience cares about. Don’t just talk about everything and anything that comes into your mind. Nobody wants to be at the receiving end of a brain dump!” – Mui Tsun

Relatability is something you should often strive for in your content. It’s what gets your audience to care about you and connect to you. A feeling of connection is vital for success in a digital landscape where things can often seem so distant and disconnected.

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